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Why Is Vehicle Tracking System Increasingly Used By a Wide Range of Industries?

Vehicle Tracking System by means of GPS and other related sensors enables organizations to monitor their assets and workers, permitting more noteworthy effectiveness and responsibility.

Transportation and government organizations are as of now utilizing GPS trackers for fleet and field administration to create extraordinary impact in managing their fleet for better convenience and customer satisfaction, yet numerous different industries can profit from this technology. In this article we will walk you through (In detail) How wide range of industries are adopting GPS Technology to improve the efficiency of their businesses.

Why Is Vehicle Tracking System Increasingly Used By a Wide Range of Industries?

GPS technology was first used by the American defense to spy on their enemies. When the various beneficial applications of this technology were discovered, the production and use of GPS -based devices was made commercial. Soon GPS tracking devices were increasingly being used for various applications, from employee monitoring to vehicle surveillance and many other given below.

Technology has Made Everything on your Fingertips:

With the increasing use of technology, information has also gone mobile. Getting access to data is at the palm of your hand. One such use for mobile phones is tracking vehicles via GPS technology. These systems integrate the new technology and not only protect vehicles from theft but also give access to reports and data useful to logistics and transportation companies. It has also proven to be a much better guide for directions to any place from anywhere in the world. Also, learn more about ways of cutting costs by using fleet management software.

How the Device(GPS tracker) Work for you?

The GPS trackers can be attached anywhere inside the car or connected to an OBDII diagnostic port depending on the model of the car and the brand of the tracker. Either way, the device requires a monthly subscription to any cellular network to allow it to send and receive data to another device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Users can view the position of the vehicle in real-time and also offers other key indicators on the car such as the speed and distance traveled. Some devices send reminders on maintenance and can read engine trouble codes increasing their functionality. Explore further How Useful are GPS Devices in Fleet Management?

Industries in which vehicle tracking system is being Widely Used

Organizations with a substantial fleet need to monitor each vehicle and each driver constantly. Previously, a substantial level of trust, phone calls, and radio correspondence had all been utilized to carry out this activity, however GPS following is a considerably more compelling solution. At last-mile dispatch and courier companies, following up with each and every consignment is practically possible, empowering customers to screen the status of their goods on the complete journey. This is invigorated at whatever point an alteration in the package's circumstance in the transport cycle happens, and you can screen it on their website. This is the best approach to ensure an unusual condition of organization: customers today need to know when they should foresee that their package will arrive without hoping to call a number or depend upon brutal estimations. The dispatch/transport industry is a fundamental focus man between the seller and buyer, with the two social occasions depending upon their efficiency. With GPS following set up, everyone included knows exactly where their package is in its outing from the central orchestrating office to your portal. Read more about How Does a GPS Vehicle Tracking Device Work?

2. Logistics

Number Vehicles to be monitored is very high in some companies and it is impossible to have a birds-eye view by an individual or a team or simple reply on the driver to complete his job or trip, so it all comes down to incidents, which is when the machine or fleet management software comes to the picture, constant 24/7 monitoring lets the admin or dispatcher receive emails or alerts on his mobile which he would have set up earlier based on a huge list of vehicle tracking features. This enables the dispatcher to immediately follow up with the driver and take necessary action. Let us find out the Difference Between Activating your Fleet GPS Trackers Automatically and Manually?

Construction firms pay a lot of money for their equipment so that GPS trackers can help them recover their assets in the event of a robbery, more than recovery instant alerts can be set to instantly alert the fleet manager and thereby avoiding. Trucks, power tools, and other on-site essentials may be a target for thieves. About $5.9 billion was lost to motor vehicle theft in 2016, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report. The average dollar loss per theft was $7,680. Motor vehicles were stolen at a rate of 236.9 per 100,000 people in 2016, up 6.6 percent from 2015.

GPS following in vehicles can likewise guarantee drivers conveying loads starting with one site then onto the next are not sitting around idly or taking dangerous courses. Knowing the observation innovation is set up, can furnish laborers with abundant inspiration to limit sat around idly and comply with the best possible well-being regulations. Furthermore, the following can be basic to receipt clients precisely, as information will bolster the measure of hours a vehicle has been utilized for after some time. Singular specialists on location ought to be outfitted with wearable GPS tech as well, to evaluate their exercises all through their day of work and recognize any execution-related issues that may emerge. Explore the Benefits & Types of OBD-2-Devices | On-Board Diagnostic System | Real Time Alerts

4. Public Transportation

Transport trucks, trains, and taxis have a strict schedule to stick to. Clients design their days and exercises around open transportation, and if there are any disturbances, their own particular schedules are influenced – regularly seriously. 

Fleet management software empowers organizations to remain associated with their drivers and get ready clients for any potential defers well early. An ever-increasing number of taxi firms are discharging their own applications, making a more helpful administration for clients and killing the need to contact the administrator for a report on their vehicle's area or location. Uber, Ola & Lyft obviously, utilizes GPS following in its procedure, giving clients constant information on their vehicle's area. They set a pattern that an ever-increasing number of ventures are imitating.

The commercial GPS tracking industry is rapidly growing, and many new companies are entering the market, making it tough for companies that desire this service to find the right partner. Traxroot is a well-established provider of GPS fleet tracking solutions having customers in more than 16 countries. Headquartered in Bangalore City, Traxroot Fleet Tracking has a global reach and provides the widest coverage area with the best reliability of any GPS fleet tracking product. Here are the Top 5 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for the Transportation Industry

Contact us for a quick demo of our GPS vehicle tracking system to understand how our software helps car manufacturers and fleet owners by offering real-time insights for track and trace vehicle health, Driver behaviour, Fuel Tracking, Driver Scoring & Coaching, Vehicle Speed Tracking, usage based insurance and many other exciting features with 24*7 support. We will love to help you managing your business. Visit our FAQ page for some frequently asked questions on fleet management.


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