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Top 5 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for the Transportation Industry

Running a transportation company is not a child’s play; especially when you are responsible for managing a fleet of vehicles. Being a fleet manager you have deadlines to meet and promises to keep in the transportation and logistics business. To help our fleet managers, GPS or GPS technology today extends further than just a tool to help drivers to navigate from locations.

With the advancement in mobile technology and mobile apps for logistics mobility solutions. GPS technology has fully transformed the transportation industry. Do you want to reduce operational costs and improve the productivity of your transportation business? A GPS tracking system is what you need to get the ball rolling. In this article, we will talk about several benefits of GPS technology that make your transportation and logistics more advanced. Know more about How Useful are GPS Devices in Fleet Management?

op 5 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking | Traxroot

Top 5 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking that for the Transportation Industry:

1. Reduce insurance costs

2. Maximize vehicle utilization

3. Minimal theft risks

4. Reduce maintenance costs

5. Reduce Paperwork and Provide Top-Quality Customer Service

1. Reduce insurance costs

Insurance companies provide special discounts on vehicles that are equipped with GPS tracking systems.  You can reduce your premium amount by as much as 30 to 35 percent. Another great benefit of a GPS fleet management system, isn’t it?

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2. Maximize vehicle utilization 

You can get the most out of your transportation vehicles by using a GPS tracking system. Your fleet managers will be able to use the data and analysis obtained from the GPS tracking software to eliminate vehicle idle time, reduce over-speeding, and decrease fuel consumption.

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3. Minimal theft risks

In the transport and logistics business a lot of money in on stake. In any case, if a vehicle with costly consignments is stolen; then it would cause massive losses along with an adverse effect on your business reputation. GPS tracking devices work to deter thieves and in the event that your fleet vehicle is stolen give you the means to recover your vehicle and reduce potential losses.

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4. Reduce Maintenance costs

Nowadays, GPS tracking systems are equipped with advanced telematic features such as vehicle diagnostics, fuel level indicators, engine temperature indicator. You can also monitor key aspects such as engine oil and the overall health of your vehicle. So, you don’t have to spend money by taking your vehicles to a mechanic for a routine inspection.

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5. Reduce Paperwork and Provide Top-Quality Customer Service

  • GPS systems will help your drivers, dispatchers, and managers do away with all the paperwork as the system can automatically track and store the minute details and present it in a user-friendly form when needed.

  • Quality customer service is often considered as a plus point for any business. GPS vehicle tracking allows you to offer numerous features and it is very fast as well. If you want to offer the best customer service, you should consider the benefits of GPS tracking apps now. It also assists the consumers to get an approximate date of delivery and it is very helpful. Go Green!! Know about the top 8 Benefits of Going Paperless in Fleet Management

Contact us for a quick demo of our Traxroot Vehicle Tracking System to understand how our software using GPS System can assist you with details like distance traveled, live speed, driving patterns, generates fuel-saving reports, nighttime driving, acceleration, fuel slippage and many more. Visit our FAQ page for some frequently asked questions on fleet management.

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