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  • What is Traxroot Fleet ?
    Traxroot Fleet is a cutting edge Fleet management software, that helps you with connecting your vehicles to the internet and getting valuable reports which helps in the productivity of your business.
  • Who needs Traxroot Fleet ?
    Traxroot Fleet is necessary for companies which own or run a fleet of vehicles.
  • Can Traxroot Fleet Software used with a smart phone app instead of a GPS tracking device?
    Yes offcourse, though we have connected to more than 170+ devices currently available world wide, we also have an option to track your assets using a mobile app.
  • Does it have Fuel Management feature?
    Yes. Fuel theft, visual graphs and level detection with respective alerts can help in getting better insight on fuel management or fuel theft with Traxroot fleet management software.
  • What are the features of Traxroot Fleet Management Software can provide?
    Our fleet management solution comes with bunch of features so you can refer brief in here
  • What is the difference between 'Traxroot Fleet' & 'Traxroot Field'?
    Traxroot Fleet is cutting edge Fleet management software, that helps you with connecting your vehicles to the internet and getting valuable reports which helps in the productivity of your business. It offers live GPS tracking, fuel monitoring system, temperature monitoring system, driver behavior, real time alerts, engine hours, geo fencing, and reports out of it. Traxroot Field is a cloud-based field service automation system gives accurate insight to the growing number of jobs and deliveries with information - anytime, anywhere it offers schedule orders, dispatch agents, real time tracking of vehicle location and order status to ensure improved business efficiency.
  • Does it have Temperature Monitoring System?
    Yes. Ongoing temperature updates are reported at specific intervals which helps you have a clear understanding on temperature levels through charts & reports.
  • What types of report can I get from 'Traxroot Fleet'?
    With our advanced fleet management software you can takeout following list of reports from your assets: Trips: Detailed trip history. Stoppage: Detailed stop history. Geofence Visits: Detailed info about geofence in and out. Vehicle Security: Alarms, tow alerts, Auto control events, crashes. Emergency button (SOS): SOS button events log. Fall Detection: Fall detection sensor log. Tracker detach: Demounting devices from tracking objects. Overall security report: All events related to security & safety. Engine hours: Time spent in motion and on idling. Fuel Volume: Fuel refills, drains, consumption (based on level sensor) Vehicle Sensors : CAN-bus and OBD-2 port data. Speed Violation : Speeding instances. GSM connection lost : Long disruptions of server connection. Device Switching On/ Off : Switching device using hardware switch. Measuring Sensors: Detailed sensor readings history. Equipment working time: Activity and idle time of the equipment. Tasks report : Tasks statuses. Work statuses report : Status changes history. Driver shift change : Driver ID. Task form values : Form fields values. Trips by state : Trips breakdown by jurisdictions. Report on all events : Overall report about any kind of events. SMS-locations report : Location requests over SMS channel.
  • I want to see a demo of your solution?
    Sure. Please drop us a request on our contact us form. One of our executive will get in touch with you soon for demo session on your convenient time.
  • I want login details to check Admin & User accounts of your solution?
    Sure. We understand your eagerness to know more about our solution. Kindly drop us your details in our contact us form and we will get back to you soon.
  • How much time will it take to activate my account once the payment made?
    With necessary details the account will be activate in 48hrs from the date of confirmation of payment receipt from our bank.
  • Do you have OBD solution?
    Yes. Our software supports 85 OBD-2 devices.
  • Do you provide white labeling facility?
    Yes. Kindly drop us your details in contact us form to give you more info on this.
  • How are updates to the Traxroot Fleet solution handled?
    As the Traxroot Fleet Management Software is web based, any updates done will appear automatically as you log in.
  • Are there restrictions to the number of assets that can be monitored?
    Traxroot Fleet has no restriction on the number of assets that can be monitored. Authorized users can implement various group and region filters to view specific information.
  • Does Traxroot Field require a GPS tracking device?
    Traxroot field does not ned any GPS tracking device, it works completely on an android mobile unlike the Traxroot Fleet.
  • Can I integrate any addional sensors to my hardware and pump data to Traxroot platform?
    Oh, we love sensors, just contact us with the specs and consider it done .
  • Does Traxroot take care of SIM cards and data charges?
    Mostly our system integrators and partners take care of this, in some countries Traxroot is partnered with leading telecom companies for reduced monthly data charges, contact us for details.
  • What is an Electronic Logging Device(ELD)?
    An Electronic Logging Device is a new technology that logs the time a driver spends driving the vehicle and other aspects of the Hours of Service (HOS) records to ensure more accurate records. The vehicle’s engine is monitored, allowing the ELD to collect information on whether the engine is running, whether the vehicle is moving, how many miles have been driven, and how long the engine has been running. Makers of ELDs must certify that their ELDs meet the technical standards put in place by the FMCSA.
  • How are ELDs different from Automatic On Board Recording Devices (AOBRDs)?
    Each Electronic Logging Device will have to be certified and registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). By the ELD Rule Effective Date, February 8, 2016, a list of registered devices will be available.
  • Are portable ELDs allowed?
    Yes. Portable Electronic Logging Devices, such as Traxroot ELD app are allowed, as long as they are mounted and secured in a fixed position while the vehicle is being driven.
  • What are the exceptions to the ELD rule?
    There are a few exceptions to the Electronic Logging Device rule: Drivers who don’t keep RODS Drivers who keep RODS for no more than 8 days out of any 30 day period. Drivers of vehicles manufactured before 2000 Drivers transporting an empty vehicle for sale, lease, or repair - as long as the vehicle isn’t part of a shipment.
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