Traxroot Fleet™ - Smart Fleet Management System

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Traxroot Fleet is a web based fleet management software to track and manage your movable assets. It is available either in the cloud or it can be installed in your local on-premise server. 

Traxroot - Data Analytics and Rules Engine

Add or change business logic as per your requirement using Traxroot Fleet's reporting tool and get detailed reports in-order to take business decisions. Reports can be automatically scheduled and emailed on particular days of the week regularly. 

Success Stories

Why Traxroot made sense for Kepaah?


Receive fewer violations and coach drivers with our driver behavior reports.

Traxroot Fleet's intelligent data gathering and reporting helps to take smarter financial decisions.

Optimize your fleet and increase its efficiency whilst improving fleet life cycle.

Strengthen Operations with the Experience and Reliability of Traxroot Fleet™

With Traxroot's Fleet Management solution streamline every job to achieve operational excellence. Get insight into every detail of your fleet and drivers, receive real time alerts of customized events for parameters which matter the most to your business. 


Harsh Turn

Harsh Braking​

Harsh Acceleration

Harsh Accel


Harsh Brake















Traxroot Logic's Driver behavior and Score cards helps in increasing operational efficiency. Set your on appropriate thresholds to determine what driving behavior is considered to be harsh and generate driver score cards through our fleet maintenance software.

6150 rpm


26 km/h



Engine Load                  



Fuel Level

Fuel Consumption

Coolant Temperature

Board Voltage


12.5 l/100km


12 v

obd diagnostic port traxroot

 More Features for Better Insight 

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Fleet Management System

Live On-map Tracking

Get access to viewing all your vehicles on a wide variety of maps along with satellite imagery as well, updated every 10 seconds on the map view dashboard of Traxroot -Fleet.

Route History

Traxroot Fleet Management Software tracks actual route history taken by one or more vehicles at any given time interval shown visually on the map along with events like stoppage and speed.

API Integration

Using our standard web based API's integrate with other enterprise systems with ease. Ease out and stream line the way data is collected on your other CRM applications.

Service & Maintenance

Stay ahead of all the chaos caused by your fleet. Get real time notification on the trouble codes and alerts on managing service maintenance and scheduling reminders.

Fuel Monitoring

Fuel theft, visual graphs and level detection with respective alerts can help in getting better insight on fuel management or fuel theft with Traxroot Fleet Management solution.

Driver Identification/ Shift Change

Equipping your drivers with RFID tags confirm the correct identity of the driver and help you to monitor and analyze the workflow and working shifts of drivers who share a single vehicle. 

Custom Hierarchy

Customize the features that are accessible to teams or individuals within your company or to other third party companies and give access to particular assets and features.

Real Time Alerts

Get real time insight on the status of all the trips and vehicles. Customize the parameters and conditions for which you want an alert to be triggered on the platform or to your mobile.

Engine Hours

Get day by day reports or reports for a specific time period of all active ignition periods. Engine maintenance takes engine hours into consideration rather than mileage.

Measuring Sensors

This feature helps you to get data out of various sensors connected to your vehicle. Sensors can be temperature sensors, fuel sensors, RPM, speed, coolant temperature, board voltage, etc.

Over-The Air


Free your self from the hassles of configuring the hardware with cables and boring commands. With Traxroot Fleet's OTA widget, configure and change settings remotely.

Driving & Safety

Telematics Safety is prime for all industries. From HOS (hours of service) to driver behavior. Customize the parameters for driver score cards and coaching along with speeding alerts.

Geo-fence Alerts

One of the most widely used feature is Geo fencing. Whether you want an alert for way points during a trip or loading and unloading, geo-fence acts as virtual fence for your asset.

Distance & Speed Reports

Through Traxroot Fleet's reporting tool, set schedule for a single or group of vehicle's distance and speed reports set for particular days of the week and have them emailed.

Trip & Stoppage


Watch closely in detail everything that is happening with your fleet in real time. Compare teams and groups of vehicles and get summarized over view of all your assets.



Ongoing temperature updates are reported at specific intervals which helps you have a clear understanding on temperature levels through charts & reports. 

Device-Agnostic Software

Traxroot Fleet Management software connects with more than 300+ different GPS tracking devices and we are open to integrate other new devices as well.


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Fleet Management Software

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