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Field management software dashboard to get better insight

A good dispatcher needs to be fast, attentive and consider available conditions to utilize the resources efficiently in order to get the job done and increase productivity.

Schedule Delivery, Onsite service or Appointment

Manually, CSV or simply integrate with your existing ERP.

Manual or Automated Dispatch 

Algorithm takes traffic, volume, availability, distance and time into consideration


Live alerts

Optimised routes

Smart tracking

Technician, Onsite agent or
Sales Rep

List of jobs sorted by distance or time for manual dispatch and sequential for Auto Dispatch

Proof of job

Breadcrumb trails

Virtual warehouses and areas

One tap communication

Customer Experience

Link with ETA and rating input, no logins or downloads required

Sensible Analytics

Get meaningful analytics based on efficiency and productivity

Track using a mobile app
Constant improvements
Automation built-in

Our development team works constantly to improve our algorithms

Worker/ driver's mobile app does more than just tracking and updating status

Leave the auto dispatching, alerts and assigning to our Traxroot Field bots

Take complete control of your mobile resources

John is idle and ready for dispatch, his rating is 4.5 star
Peter has successfully completed Job #1254 and is on time.
Order #6521 has been failed by Sam, kindly reassign.
Bosco has taken 55 mins to complete the job and has received $125.
Peter's efficiency has reduced by 10% when compared to the previous week.
John's failure reason is mostly "nobody at home".
Number of jobs completed by Sam is 20% more than what Peter has completed.

Traxroot Field - Manage Service
 Activity Timeline

Job # 10211


Complete Before

04/08/17 14:00:00 


Driver              Bosco

ID                    A235

Customer        William

Notes              Have informed security                             to assist you





Bosco accepted the task/ delivery

04/08/17  13:20:00  |  26 Evans Road, Singapore

15 min elapsed

Bosco started the task/ delivery

04/08/17  13:35:00  |  1A Cluny Road, Singapore

22 min elapsed

View route

Bosco reached the destination

04/08/17  13:57:00  |  Westcoast Hwy Viaduct, Singapore

10 min elapsed

Bosco completed the task/ delivery

04/08/17  14:07:00  |  1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore

Reduce Paper Work

No more piles of paper work, access your reports in real time with Traxroot Field.

Business Intelligence

Get better insight about your resources with Traxroot Analytics and excel.

Efficient Operations

Increase insight of your agents from live location to events created.

Traxroot Rating - Show your customers how much you care

Be on top of your customer rating and feed back, an automated link is sent to the customer as soon as the job/ delivery is completed where the customer can rate his experience with the Traxroot field service management software.

Traxroot Field - Customer Centric

Traxroot ETA - Take customer service to the next level

With the Traxroot ETA keep the guesswork behind you. We enable you to send customized alerts to the customers mobile and email with live tracking links and ETA, no logins or download required with the Traxroot routing software.

More Features for Better Insight To Manage Your Field Agents

Live GPS Tracking

Keep track of your resources in real time visually on the map with an update frequency of less than 10 seconds on the Traxroot Field Management Software Dashboard. 

Route History

The Traxroot Routing Software assigns the best route, and gets insight on the route taken or where he started and finished the delivery/ job visually on the map.

Driver/ Agent 
Status/ Agent 

Get a holistic view on the dashboard as to how many resources are on the job, are idle/ ready for dispatch and how many of them are offline in real time through socket connection.

Timezone/ Languages/Currency

Go global with Traxroot Field . Choose the language you are comfortable with, set the time zone you operate in and change your operation metrics as per your convenience.

One Tap

Make it convenient  for your resources. Drivers/ workers can contact the customer with a click on their Traxroot Field app, thereby removing ambiguity and making the process seamless. 

Live ETA & Driver/ Agent Details

Keep your customers informed. The Traxroot Field Management Software automatically sends a link to the customer with live ETA and driver information, login or download not required.

Trend Analysis

With resource activity data stored up to 12 months, discover useful trends to investigate and build on predictive analytics which can be filtered based on different parameters.

Activity Timeline

Get real time insight on the status of all the jobs through a visual time line. Have a screen shot of the complete cycle of the job from its start time and location to its end

Resource Utilization

Know what kind of fleet is been most used and how many jobs have been taken up by each resource and their respective success and failure rates along with customer rating

Job Analysis

Get in depth as well as a broad perspective about your jobs or orders. Know which store or location has the highest failure rate and which worker or driver has the best record.

Customer Rating

Let your customers tell you about their experience, on our analytics get to know which group of drivers or location has the best average rating. Show that you care. 


Once a job or delivery has been started by the worker or driver get turn by turn both visual and voice enabled navigation to the destination on the Traxroot Field mobile app.

Real Time Alerts
and Job Tracking

Both customer and dispatcher gets real time custom alerts about all the events about the entire cycle of the job or delivery. And take necessary actions if needed.

Smart Routing

Traxroot Routing Software decides about the best route to be taken in order to achieve optimized operation efficiency. Our system takes traffic and complete before time into consideration

Proof of Delivery/ Work Completion

Get a location and time stamp of where a job was accepted, started and completed along with signature and photo for proof of delivery for all jobs and orders.

Live Dashboard

The Traxroot Field Service management software dashboard enables you to see the status and location of the jobs along with their status and driver location all on a single page.

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