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Boost Productivity

Traxroot Field ensures the highest level of productivity of your agents right from receiving the service request to completing it. It helps the agents in planning, updating status, navigating and contacting the customer.

Improve Response Time

Having to know the not only the status of your agents but also their current status helps the dispatcher to plan and improve response time, which in-turn helps the agents to reduce their turn around time.

Customer Satisfaction

Throughout the entire cycle of the service or job, the customer is kept informed about all the advancements. Without downloading an app or logging in, ETA, picture of the agent and live tracking is enabled.

Stay Connected With All Your Agents Live No Matter Where They Go

A field service management software solution with built-in live GPS tracking allows you to plan, schedule, dispatch jobs and service requests effectively. It gives you a graphical time line which gives time and location details of any event which was created by the agent during the life time of the task and informing the dispatcher immediately about why a particular job was successful or failed and whether or not the job was completed in time or delayed. 


The Traxroot Field App helps in better job tracking & scheduling which benefits any industry. This all-in-one solution will help streamline field operations and tracks all events either triggered manually or automatically.

How navigation in field service mobile app helps agents to be on time for service industry

Be On Time

Reaching your customers on-time matters, Traxroot provides you navigation along the shortest distance

Analyze your jobs using data from a field service software for service and maintenance industry

Task Analysis

Traxroot goes beyond simple data and reports, it gives you details about your best and worst performers

Get live ETA details from the divers Traxroot field service mobile app for sevice and maintenance industry

Precise ETA

Customers can get live updates of their service order and expected ETA and agent details.

Live Job Status Tracking

Track every step or event of your job or delivery with location and time stamps.

Business Intelligence

Get in depth insight of job analysis, know how a team is performing.

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