Traxroot Crash™

Accident Reconstruction

Record second by second data before during & after a crash for analysis on the Traxroot Platfrom.

Vehicle Insurance

Claim Process

Automated Crash Report

Claim Fraud Prevention

Reduce Claim Cycle Time

Traxroot provides you with an automated crash report with all necessary & useful data.

With all factual data of the crash verified at your fingertips, Traxroot prevents fraud.

Reduce the claim process time and get a digital report of all the crash events & location.

Accident Reconstruction

Data That Matters

Crash Alert

Receive a crash alert as soon as a crash occurs, as per the preset G-force in the device, by SMS, email or push notification.

Event Location

When a crash or accident occurs, second by second GPS location for a preset time period before and after the crash can be viewed.

Harsh Acceleration

Analyze harsh acceleration events for any period of time before the crash, along with time, frequency and location details.

Speed Profile

Get details about the speed of the vehicle before, during and after the crash for analysis on driver behavior and habits.

RPM Graph

Get insight about whether the driver took off his foot from the accelerator before the crash, was the vehicle standing still or idle.

Harsh Braking

Know more if the driver attempted to avoid the accident by braking hard before the crash or did the crash take him by surprise.

Accelerometer Graph

View accelerometer's graphical representation of the x,y & z axis when the crash occurred there by predicting the side of impact.

Harsh Cornering

Harsh turn or cornering data is very important to know the behavior of the driver and status of the vehicle moment before the crash.

Traxroot Visual Accident


Map View

Graphical Representation

Data on the graph can be customized, for example you can add seat belt activation, RPM, z axis, and any other sensor data.

Crash & Asset Details

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Crash Date - 

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Side of Impact








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