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Traxroot Enterprise

Companies Who Would Like To Track Their Own Fleet of Vehicles Using Traxroot Platform

Plug your device to the OBDII port and go live in seconds, we support more than 85 OBDll devices.

Traxroot supports more than 300+ devices, which means our platform can connect your devices with just a few clicks online in less than a minute.

Track, Manage and Dispatch your assets through our intuitive mobile app, share documents.

New Devices

Choose from our wide list of supported hardware and get connected in seconds.

How to connect OBD device to Traxroot
Map pin

Locate diagnostic port

Plug the OBD device

Confirm connection & start tracking

New Devices


Already Have Devices

Migrate your already connected devices to Traxroot -Fleet, we support 300+ devices

Traxroot supports and has integrated more than 300+ devices, which means migrating your GPS tracking devices from your previous software to Traxroot can be done directly remotely through our platform.

New Integration

If in case you don't find your device on our platform and is not already integrated, then just send us over the model name and number of the device and we will integrate it for you, and get you connected online.

Fuel consumption graph
Coolant temperature monitoring OBD
Vehicle Battery voltage monitoring


Vehicle RPM monitoring using CAN and OBD
Vehicle Engine load monitoring
fleet management speed monitoring
throttle of vehicle management


Engine Load                  



6150 rpm


26 km/h


fuel monitoring icon

Fuel Level

Fuel Consumption

Coolant Temperature

Board Voltage


12.5 l/100km


12 v

List of data parameters that an OBD can read on Traxroot
Have Devices

We Closely Support 350+ GPS Tracking Hardware

Traxroot Favicon
  • GPS Tracking Device

  • Fuel Sensors

  • Temperature Sensor

  • RFID Reader


  • CAN-bus Support

  • Eco Driving

  • SOS & More

Traxroot supports more than 750 GPS tracking devices
GPS antenna connects Traxroot platform
Fuel sensor which connects to Traxroot platform
Temperature sensor which connects to Traxroot fleet
750+ Devices
Mobile App

Track Using Our Mobile App

Traxroot Favicon
Features of Traxroot mobile app

Live Location

Assign Tasks

Driver Status

Share Documents & Chat

Time Analysis

Traxroot mobile app for agents and drivers
Traxroot tracking GPS Hardware installation
Need Assistance In Installation
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