"We like to grind complex data from your mobile resources to useful analytics and actionable business information".

Traxroot™ is a data analytics company which focuses mainly in Industrial IoT | Fleet and Asset Management. Our goal is to revolutionize how our customers manage their fleet and field assets to drive intelligent business decisions.

Traxroot™ is a vertical of Traxoid Automations Pvt Ltd, established in the year 2013 and headquartered in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore. Our global platform "Traxroot Connect" helps businesses manage their mobile resources efficiently by bringing real time visibility, AI and anomaly detection to their operations at the convenience of their desk. Traxroot's solutions are cloud based software, mobile apps and other integration tools. 

Products include usage based insurance, fleet management, asset management, driver behavior, auto dispatch, fuel management, preventive maintenance, accident reconstruction, field service management and route optimization. Traxroot™ is integrated with most of the leading hardware from across the globe.

The Traxroot advantage

Hardware Agnostic Platform

Up to 350 device models has  been integrated.

Global Prescence

Foot print in 14 countries and growing.

Multi Lingual

Supports up-to 8 languages



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