Automated Dispatch & Route Optimization Software Using Artificial Intelligence

Traxroot Dispatch™ Automatically Assigns Work Orders/ Manages Deliveries for Traxroot Field™ agents/ drivers. Field service organizations and delivery companies  require automated dispatch and scheduling software that allows them to manage the growing number of jobs, technicians and customers.

Traxroot Field's cloud-based field service automation system gives accurate insight to the growing number of jobs and deliveries with information - anytime, anywhere. Traxroot Dispatch™ offers automated scheduling, dispatching and routing to ensure improved business efficiency.

With Traxroot Field™ which is powerful, flexible and easy-to-use software solution, you can not only:

  • Know when a job is complete

  • Save time and fuel

  • Do more in less time

  • Access customer information from any location

  • Schedule and dispatch work orders

Along with Traxroot Dispatch™ AI makes decisions for dispatch and routing without any human interference, based on the criteria mentioned below in the diagram.

Traxroot Dispatch™ Makes Your Job Easy

Traffic update

Active Status

Completion Time

Job Capacity 

Geo Fence

Group Engine

Traxroot-AI™ takes traffic into consideration while assigning single or multiple work orders or deliveries.

Before assigning or dispatching any job, Traxroot-AI™ verifies with the worker's offline and online through the mobile app.

The primary criteria of time bound work fulfillment while grouping more than one delivery/ job taking custom buffers.

The assessment if the type/ capacity of the worker syncs or accommodates that of its job/ delivery is determined autonomously by Traxroot-AI™.

Traxroot-AI™ constantly checks if it can combine multiple jobs taking all the other parameters into consideration.

If you want to set rules for dispatching to happen only if the driver/ worker is in a particular radius of a location.

Traxroot Dispatch™ Scheduling and Dispatch, Works Fast, Accurate and Round the Clock

 Traxroot Dispatch™ automated dispatch & routing algorithm can improve revenue generation by 18%, save time and fuel with 40% shorter routes and decreases customer churn rate by 23%.

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