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Fuel Tracking & Management

The Intelligence behind detecting Fuel Theft
through Progressive Anomaly Detection

Fuel Tracking & Monitoring Software

Ultrasonic Sensor

Fuel Rod Sensor

Fuel Management & Driver Management

Trucks &
Fuel Tankers

Vessels &
Tug Boats

Stationary Tanks & Gas Stations

Heavy Machinery & Equipment

Monitor Fuel Consumption &

Prevent Theft

Start your telematics journey with Traxroot Connect™ today

Traxroot logic™ transforms how motor insurance companies asses risks by turning data into opportunity. Our Driver scoring and data analytics coupled with fleet management software helps to better understand your drivers and increase control of claim costs.

Means of Intelligent 

 Fuel Related Data Gathering

Track drivers and monitor driver behavior by identifying the driver with an RFID card or key fob and get specific driver centric reports on a single dash board.

Plug the device, connect with Traxroot Logic™ and start scoring. Apart from driver behavior, and location also get insight about the condition of the car in real time.

Fuel Sensor

Secure Traxroot Device

Secure Traxroot Connect™ Platform

Define your own scoring points based on driver behavior parameters and other fleet management & vehicle tracking system reports.

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Z- axis | Yaw

Y- axis |  Pitch











X- axis | Roll

Side of Impact








Driver Centric Fuel Reports & Statistics (RFID)

  • Get fuel usage reports based on drivers

  • Understand cost per mile for every asset

  • Detail reports on refueling, draining and mileage with our robust fuel software

Worried about your privacy, please read our privacy policy

Traxroot Logic™ helps drivers to reduce their premium based on their usage. It gives you real time feed back on your driving behavior in the form of points in order to reduce risks and increase safety. We help in improving good driving habits and getting rewarded for the same by using Usage Based Insurance.

Fuel Tracking
Your Rules : Your Alerts
Our Intelligence

Traxroot Connect's Fuel Monitoring software gives you a holistic view about all your fuel reports. Right from the vehicle's fuel tank to fuel spend based on drivers and assets. Traxroot's Fuel dashboard can also help you connect to stationary fuel tanks and monitor its activity with a graphical fuel level interface all on a single dashboard.

Set Fuel Limit Access For Drivers At  Gas Stations

  • Set fuel limit access to vehicles/ drivers (RFID)

  • Monitor all gas stations or stationary fuel tanks on a single dashboard 

  • Set instant alerts for any fuel theft, and preset levels

Start your telematics journey with Traxroot Connect™ today

Car manufactures, connect your customers to auto insurers as an OEM program using Traxroot Logic™ thereby enabling more customer retention and increasing sales. Provide a connected vehicle with a turn key Telematics Insurance platform.

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