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Go Paperless : HOS Automation and DVIR : ELD Mandate


Traxroot ELD Manager :  FMCSA Certified Electronic Logging Device

Driver Status

Driver status using ELD Mobile app

Keep your self updated about your driver's status in real time.

Electronic Logging

Electronic logging using ELD device

Maintain FMCSA 395.15
compliant eLogs.

Back Office

telematics data using ELD mobile app

ELD/ DVIR data available on Traxroot Fleet™.

Traxroot ELD FMCSA Electronic logging device
No paper work using ELD device

No Paper Work

Eliminate the paper work  hassles of compliance

Reduce violations using ELD mobie app

Reduce Violations

Automatic HOS limit warning can help with compliance

update DVIR using ELD mobile app

Updated DVIR

Don't be late in submitting your DVIRs on time.

More Than Just Compliance with
Traxroot ELD™

Daily Vehicle Inspection Report Made Easy and Submitted On-time

Benefits of Traxroot ELD

HOS Online

DVIR Online 


Trip History

Get real time HOS status both on the mobile as well as back at the office and reduce HOS paperwork by 15 minutes a day. 

Identify operation and safety issues, go paper less and stream line the daily inspection reporting process specified by Federal Law 49 CFR 396.11 and 396.13 and enforced by the DOT.

IFTA fuel tax reporting are automated by ELDs,  thousands of dollars can be saved by reducing administrative burden and operational cost. Reduce audit risk with no errors and inconsistency.

A complete trip history including: miles, hours driven, stop time, route replay  and a daily trip summary.

Keep track of your resources in real time visually on the map with an update frequency of 10 seconds

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