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Traxroot Testimonials lady truck


What Our Customers Are Saying

Los Angeles, California

"We are totally dependent on Traxroot for our operations, which makes dispatch and tracking seamless"


San Francisco, California

"Traxroot is the second heart beat for our customers when it comes to connectivity and reports"


"  It not only helped us in the fleet sustainability planning process but also helped us in executing the same 

Freddy, United Kingdom

" Implementing Traxroot was like hiring 3 more employees, it helped us to reduce operating costs 

Robert Kellan, Florida

" Excellent support & user friendly software. The driver scoring feature has been very useful to us"

John Carson, Austin

" Very helpful to get different types of reports and minute by minute location updates."

Amina, Morocco

" From demo to setup, the whole experience was seamless with the support team always there to help."

Tyler, Australia

" Traxroot plays a vital role in the success of our company, with vehicles been our most important asset "

Jamil, Dubai

" Reports for excessive idling and over speeding  was a real eye opener."

Steve Mark, California


Ontario, Canada

"Traxroot has helped us to move away from the constant calling and paper age to the real time digital age"

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" Having the same information and data across all our locations helped us to reach our customers faster. "

Jimmy Kane, Atlanta

" Helps us to make sure our spinach reaches our customers on time with estimated time of arrival and geofencing alerts."

Jeff Gordon, Nebraska

" On our first year of using Traxroot, we ended up saving £7500 which is huge for a small business like ours"

Logan, United Kingdom

" Ability to know the status of our deliveries in real time helped us plan our daily orders better"

Santino, Mexico

" We benefited the most from two features, ability to monitor  fuel and live tracking on the map"

Harrison, Canada

" Security was our main priority due to the recent events, Traxroot handles it with a few clicks and alerts."

Ryan, Malaysia

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