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T-Flare communicates better with it's on-field agents

The Challenge

California based road assistance company, operates in Los Angeles and San Diego. Knowing the job status of their agents and their location in real time on a map was crucial. So when their team grew in size, they noticed that it was difficult to keep tab on all their agents at any given time and also share the same information across all the dispatchers .


"We are totally dependent on Traxroot for our operations, which makes dispatch and tracking seamless".


Traxroot-casestudy-T-flare-onroad- assistance

The Solution

The team at T-Flare knew that they wanted a system which could broadcast all vital information needed directly to their dispatchers at the convenient of their office without making any phone calls to the field agents. Now with Traxroot they are able to see all actionable real time data along with many additional features.

  • Fleet maintenance alerts : They no longer have to rely on the drivers to know the odometer reading or wait till they hear from their service center. Traxroot send you automated emails and service alerts based on either distance traveled or time.

  • Daily or weekly reports : Whether it is distance traveled, speeding, idling or stoppage reports, Traxroot will have it mailed on a daily, monthly or weekly basis.

  • Driver Communication : Ability to share the exact customer location along with navigation and live status updates.

The Results

Some of the reports got in a lot of insight and planning while some like the idling reports were shocking. The drivers no longer had to constantly be on the phone to update the status or get route details to the customer's location. There was no lapse of any maintenance schedules and now the team is able to track fuel as well which took care of their fleet sustainability goals of the company.

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