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Increased Visibility

Complete visibility of your assets, work force and vehicle   maintenance helps you to plan for the unplanned. Traxroot fleet helps in tracking fuel, maintenance, current task status and engine hours/ idling.  

Quicker Response

When you have all the information from location to task status and ETA details to a response location, Traxroot makes it easier for your dispatcher to make quick decisions to respond quickly to an outage.

Better Safety

In the hustle of taking care of customer experience and operations along with driver management it becomes difficult to constantly monitor safety issues, with Traxroot get automated alerts when triggered.

Better Connectivity for Better Operations

With the growing number of movable assets and operations running in multiple locations, connectivity and management plays a vital role in handling all the chaos. 

Not only from the operations point of view and customer service and feedback, it is important for your fleet's health condition to be taken care of to reduce and downtime. Traxroot vehicle tracking system assists you in tracking expenses related to your fleet, log and display remotely OBD fault codes, alert you for service visits based on time or mileage apart from all the fleet related reports it can generate.

Track driver behavior using vehicle tracking system for utility fleet

Driver Score Card

Track driver behavior from speed to harsh braking, and scare your drivers.

Get fault codes using OBD connected to a vehicle for utility fleet

OBD Connectivity

Get faulty error codes, track RPM, engine load , board voltage and fuel. 

Get insight about the complete activity of your vehicle for utility fleet

Event Timeline

Get location and time stamps for every activity of the task.




Increase Operation Efficiency

Gain visibility on your fleet and workers, get real time alerts on Geo-fences. Track your assets fuel usage using vehicle tracking system.

Improve Asset Utilization

Manage all your resources on a single screen, know the status of all the assigned jobs, and be ahead of your schedule using vehicle tracking software.

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