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Delivery Management Software For Last Mile Delivery

Traxroot fleet management software

Improve Customer Experience

One of the key components for last mile delivery is customer experience. Able to track the driver or agent and his ETA is very crucial. Traxroot enables all the above without downloading any app.

Analyse Team Efficiency

At the end of the week or day, it is important for the ops team or dispatch managers to know the result and productivity of their team, Traxroot gives you all the details to take decisions which will benefit tomorrow.

Improve Agility

Throughout the entire cycle of the service or job the drivers and dispatch managers can face a lot of challenges related to shortage of resources, traffic, and rescheduling. Traxroot helps in streamlining your operations.

High-powered Delivery Software To Service Your Customers Better

A delivery management software solution which can help you to not only track your drivers and agents but also give you analytics about their behaviour and performance. Don't just settle for simple live tracking and assigning, be a step ahead with respect to individual driver performance or team performance. Know the reasons behind why certain orders are failing and follow their pattern and route cause.

Get insight about how long drivers were engaged on the road and for how long were they inactive or idling. Find out the days and areas where your drivers don't get busy, reinstate them to pin-codes which run short of drivers. Traxroot delivery management software not only engages your drivers but also your fleet managers to work as a single force to driver better customer satisfaction.

Real Time Alerts and Job Tracking using GPS delivery management app

Real Time

Track jobs, drivers and status of orders in real time on a single dashboard.

Proof of Delivery for delivery management software

Proof of Delivery/ Work Completion

Digitally capture photos, event locations, timestamp and signature.

Real time customer feed back for delivery management software

Live Customer

After completion of every order, let your customers give their feed back.

Be Connected In Real Time

Constantly get updates about events, know when a delivery was started and completed.

Performance Analytics

Get analytics on individual agents/ drivers or on a particular team, analyse delivery failures

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