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Benefits & Types of OBD-2-Devices | On-Board Diagnostic System | Real Time Alerts

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Benefits of OBD-2 Devices


OBD stands for “On-Board Diagnostics.” It is a computer-based tool which was originally designed to reduce emissions by monitoring the performance of major engine components. The origins date-back to 1982 in California to detect emission failures when regulations were developed by California Air Resources Board (ARB).

Types of OBD-II Scanners

There are two basic categories of OBD-2 scanners.

  • Code readers OBD-2 code readers are typically inexpensive, basic devices that can read and clear codes from any vehicle that is equipped with OBD-2. These devices have a few inherent limitations in that they typically lack any information on manufacturer-specific codes and offer limited (or no) access to other data.

  • Scan Tools OBD-II scan tools are more expensive, and they can offer a variety of different features. They offer advanced features like ECU programming, sophisticated software, and ECU adaptations. And have information on manufacturer-specific codes and offer access to other data.

Telematics & OBD

OBD-2 is no longer used by  mechanic professionals during repair or service, with a help of a  OBD2 scanner/ diagnostic tool which has a GPS and GSM module, valuable data can be sent to our Traxroot server. We have integrated many OBD devices available across the globe today with Traxoot Fleet management software. All you need to do is plug it into our vehicle's OBD port and start making sense of the data. OBD-2 scanner/ diagnostic tool does not need any external power source or GPS/GSM antenna. Now with the OBD-2 device connected to your vehicle you can remotely get fleet data about your vehicle and record driver behavior. With the OBD-2 the vehicles health is constantly monitored which helps in preventive maintenance, fault codes can be sent to the server in real time for further diagnosis. If you are new to Fleet Management, then here are some points to remember for choosing the right fleet management software for your business.

Contact Traxroot today to know more about the different kind of data that Traxroot -fleet can provide remotely through an OBD-2 device.


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