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What is the Difference Between Activating your Fleet GPS Trackers Automatically and Manually?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Integrating vehicle tracking system to your fleet has become very common in today's scenario. Fleet managers use GPS to track, manage and maintain their vehicles for better operations efficiency. Read more about how a GPS vehicle tracking device works.

GPS Fleet device activation

A company who wishes to manage their fleet first has to activate the device on to the platform, which means the following details should be configured :

1) To which IP address does the device have to send data.

2) To which port, based on the GPRS protocol does it have to pump data.

3) What is the frequency at which the the device will be sending data.

4) Set admin details

5) Can the device sleep when it does not detect any movement & more.

These instructions or commands can either be given remotely or by connecting the device to a laptop via an USB. Now the main difference between auto activation and manual activation is :

a) Auto-activation of GPS tracking devices: Now that we understand what are commands and why it has be sent, some fleet management software already has preset commands fed into the system, the moment you choose the right vehicle tracking hardware on the platform, the software automatically send all the required commands and saves a lot of time and resource when you are activating many devices.

b) Manual activation of GPS tracking devices: In the case of manual, either we can send the commands via SMS, unlike the auto activation here we have to send commands manually for every preset standing instruction as an initial set up procedure, remember the exact commands for each device and send them manually via SMS or connect the device to a laptop and configure it.

By having auto activation of different devices in high numbers, it consumes a lot of time and resource, and one must also know all the list of commands for each device. Traxroot fleet management software provides auto activation of devices which has benefited our customers, learn more about what our customers are saying about this feature of auto-activation.

Contact us to know more about how Traxroot Fleet works and why auto activation of devices is more productive. In-order to partner with us feel free to visit our partner page.


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