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What is Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro offers tools designed for business users like the ability to create animation movies and an option to set up measuring areas of polygons or circles. Google Earth Pro also lets you map multiple points at once and lets you access demographic, graphic, and traffic data layers. Other functions include high-resolution imagery, 3D cityscapes, detailed road maps, panoramic imagery at street level, historical imagery, and rich points of interest such as natural features, weather patterns, and business locations. Read more about How Accurate is GPS Speed in a Vehicle Tracking System?

Google Earth Pro is currently the standard version of the Google Earth desktop application as of version 7.3. The Pro version includes add-on software for movie making, advanced printing, and precise measurements, and is currently available for Windows, Mac OS X 10.8 or later, and Linux. Read also: How Does a GPS Vehicle Tracking Device Work?

What is Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro Uses:

Over the last 10 years, businesses, scientists, and hobbyists from all over the world have been using Google Earth Pro for everything from planning hikes to placing solar panels on rooftops. Google Earth Pro has all the easy-to-use features and detailed imagery of Google Earth, along with advanced tools that help you measure 3D buildings, print high-resolution images for presentations or reports, and record HD movies of your virtual flights around the world. Read about the Top 5 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for the Transportation Industry

Key Features:

Key Features of Google Earth Pro Google Earth Pro lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean. Key Features include: See global changes with decades of historic imagery. If you've ever wondered how your neighborhood has changed throughout time, Google Earth now gives you access to the past. Read further about How Useful are GPS Devices in Fleet Management?

With a simple click, check out suburban sprawl, melting ice caps, coastal erosion, and more. Dive beneath the surface of the ocean. In the new ocean layer, you can plunge all the way to the floor of the sea, view exclusive content from partners like BBC and National Geographic, and explore 3D shipwrecks like the Titanic. Let us Understand the Difference Between Activating your Fleet GPS Trackers Automatically and Manually?

Contact us for a quick demo of our Traxroot Vehicle Tracking System to understand how our software using GPS System can assist you with details like distance traveled, live speed, driving patterns, generates fuel-saving reports, nighttime driving, acceleration, fuel slippage, and many other exciting features. Visit our FAQ page for some frequently asked questions on fleet management.


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