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Audi India Rolls out New Version of All-in-One App for Automotive Customers

German luxury carmaker Audi on Wednesday rolled out an enhanced version of its 'myAudi Connect' app in India for its customers while also catering to potential customers and Audi fans. The latest version of the app offers several additional functions, including login for Audi Club India members, payment options to enable in-app merchandise purchase and exclusive offers from Audi Concierge, offers on car-life products, and online help, and support, Audi India said in a statement. These features are offered within a secure framework and in compliance with data protection. These are offered as standard for all Audi India customers, it added. Know-How Useful are GPS Devices in Fleet Management?

Audi India Rolls out New Version of All-in-One App for Customers

Surprising Features of the App:

The latest version of the 'myAudi Connect' App builds on features like customer safety and security, driver behavior info, Audi Concierge facility, Geo-location, and service bookings that were offered earlier. Potential customers and enthusiasts get access to features including Augmented Reality (AR), placement of test drive requests, product brochures, and service cost calculators amongst others. Some other functions include:

  • A new interface, enhanced functionality, and capability to cater to different audiences.

  • Existing owners can book a service over a few clicks, avail after-sales products and get access to Road Side Assistance.

  • As a first, fans and potential customers get access to Augmented Reality, exclusive news, and videos; they can also purchase Audi merchandise and request for a test drive. Explore why vehicle tracking is used in a wide range of industries?

  • Audi Concierge offers a range of exclusive partner offers tailored to user preferences along with exciting engagements.

  • Security and data protection get an enhancement with CRM connectivity and two-factor authentication.

  • State-of-the-art encryption methods have been deployed to ensure data privacy.

Listen to what Audi India Head Balbir Singh Dhillon has to say:

  • 'myAudi Connect' App first introduced in 2019 was very well received by customers.

  • "At Audi India, we have endeavored to make our existing suite of digital tech more user-friendly and all-encompassing in functionality. The latest development will help us serve our tech-savvy customer even better," he said.

  • Dhillon further said, "New features such as in-app custom offers, AR and book a test drive function widen the scope of the app to prospective Audi customers. Digitalization is a journey, not destination and we will continue to upgrade our services for our customers and fans going forward."

  • Over the past few months, we have become accustomed to having all the information we need at our fingertips and this has only strengthened our focus on Digitalization. New technology has always been at the core of everything we do at Audi and the ‘myAudi Connect’ App takes this story forward.

  • Reiterating the significance of digitalization, he said it is an extremely important pillar in the company's strategy for India.

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