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Which are the Top 5 Heavy-Duty Trucks in India

Being a truck driver in India is certainly the most challenging task and the diversity of Indian roads makes this task is even more toughened. With an increase in the payload to be commuted by trucks, the performance and safety measures require some serious attention from the user as well as the businesses. But to resolve this crisis, truck companies came up with ‘Heavy Duty Trucks’ which can be defined as the perfect blend between greater performance and heavier payload. Though a variety of such machines are available in the market, here we have narrowed down the list to the Top 5 Popular Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles of India in this segment. Know more about Why is Fleet Management Crucial for Long Haul Trucks?

Top 5 Heavy-Duty Trucks in India:

1. Tata Prima 4928.S

Tata Prima 4928.S is a member of the Tata Prima truck family. TATA Prima is a tractor-trailer truck, which has an estimated cost of INR 32.13 lakh only. Drawing power from a water-cooled, direct injection, turbocharged, after-cooled diesel engine, is a good fit if your business is related to transporting cement bags, containers, steel coils, and more. It can also transport over-dimensional cargo (ODC) with ease. Tata Prima 4928.S comes equipped with a manual nine-speed gearbox, power steering, AC, ABS, and fog lights. The truck is available in BS-III variant and can generate a maximum torque of 970Nm @ 1200-1700rpm. Know more about the Benefits of Autonomous Trucking in Fleet Management

2. Eicher Pro 1114XP

Eicher Pro 1114XP is one of the most profitable products of the Eicher PRO philosophy. It has the highest rated payload in its category, robust and rugged aggregates that ensure high reliability and durability and cabin with superior driving comfort while retaining its best in class fuel efficiency. Aptly known as the Mileage Ka Badshah, Eicher Pro 1114XP ensures high profitability and prosperity for its owner. Here are the Top 10 Winter Tips To Prepare Your Trucks or Vehicles in US, Canada & UK

3. BharatBenz 3523R

If you are looking to carry loads like FMCG, machinery, packed stuff, cargo boxes, and others, then BHARAT BENZ 3523R is a good fit for you. BHARAT BENZ 3123R with 2 wheelbase span of 5,175 mm and 6,375 mm available in total 4 variants. The safety and easy maneuverability have been taken care of with ABS, side-impact beam, parking brakes, seat belts, steel bumper, and power steering. The cabin includes features namely 3-way adjustable seats, noise reduction precautions, digital instrument clusters, and many more.

4. Ashok Leyland U 3718

The Ashok Leyland U 3718 sits among the popular trucks that come as customizable and have chassis with a cabin as standard. But if you are thinking about what else comes as standard, there are many to be named. On the safety front, the truck has many exceptional features like ABS for its air brakes, parking brakes, fog lights, tubeless tires, seat belts, and hill hold assist. The suspension is done on semi-elliptic multi-leaf at both ends. Know what 11 Things To Keep In Your Truck or Vehicle for an Emergency or Break Down

5. Mahindra Truxo 31 – 202

This heavy-duty machine by Mahindra is powered by the most valiant m-POWER engine which helps in generating power in excess of 200 bhp. Mahindra Truxo 31 is also equipped with multi-axles and high-grade technology, which not only assists in carrying heavy payloads but also provides a good amount of comfort to the driver while driving through varying Indian terrain. Explore the Check List for Fleet Maintenance & Effective Truck Maintenance Over Time

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