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Fleet Software For
Transportation Fleets


Reliable and Effective 

Handle Compliance Issues 

 Truck Tracking Software

Reduce Fuel Costs

If saving fuel is a big deal for your business, then tracking it and making sense of the data by a fleet management software helps you to not only know the level of fuel but also receive alerts during fuel pilferage.

Better ETA & Routes

Planning, scheduling and sharing the same to the driver along with route Geo-fence helps in better estimated time of arrival and also receive an alert when the driver goes off-route thereby increasing efficiency in delivery. 

Track Driver Behavior

Driver behavior is linked with a lot of other aspects like costs, maintenance, fuel, safety and goods. Traxroot vehicle tracking software helps you in providing a score card for your drivers based on pre-defined violations.

Keep Your Drivers Happy & Your Customers Satisfied

Keeping your trucks on the road and making sure that your customers are satisfied is a prime goal for transportation companies.

In order to achieve this the transportation company must use a flexible and robust vehicle tracking system or fleet management software which can not only track the vehicle on the map but able to get complete insight on the trip, vehicle and maintenance. 

The ability to track fuel, analyse status of trip, able to identify driver using RFID, idling reports, stoppage reports and more are all features which are needed to fulfill a successful delivery of goods. The software should also be able to automatically generate and email respective teams on a weekly or daily basis helps in taking active decisions by the dispatch team for better streamlining in operations. 

Service & Maintenance for transportation fleet

Maintenance & Service

Stay ahead of all the chaos caused by your fleet. Maintain costs, service & parts.

Trip & Stoppage Reports for transportaion fleet

Trip & Stoppage

Watch closely in detail everything that is happening with your fleet in real time. From distance to speed.

Driver behaviour and safety for transportation fleet

Driving & Safety

Telematics Safety is prime for all industries. From HOS (hours of service) to driver to driver behavior.



Improve Safety & Security

Get real time alerts and reports on driver behavior using our Fleet Management Software.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Get insight on fuel usage, get alerts during fuel pilferage using our GPS Tracking software.

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