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4 Reasons Why Fleet Maintenance is Important for Heavy Duty Trucks?

The name heavy duty truck it self implies that the truck will be carrying a lot of load in terms of weight and size and some times will be carrying sensitive & fragile goods which cannot be exposed to any level of damage. Here are 11 things to carry in your truck to handle break down or other emergency.

why fleet maintenance for heavy trucks is important?

And when these heavy duty trucks are on the road, we need to make sure that it reaches its destination on time and in-order to make sure that the vehicle is in good condition to complete the task it needs have a robust check list for fleet maintenance or adhere to a preventive maintenance check list. The importance and benefits of fleet management for heavy trucks can be explained in the following points.

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1) On-Road break down: When a heavy duty truck breaks down, it is a complete chaotic situation on the road, ranging from shifting the consignment to total traffic jam and operations down time. Explore the benefits of installing an OBD2 device in your truck and how it helps in preventing on road break down.

2) Truck Safety Issue : The most important and critical issue faced by poor maintenance of your fleet would be accidents caused due to the same, which can put your driver in danger, permanent part damage or complete totaling of the truck and also putting other public in danger followed by law suits which can render a company bankrupt. Read more about simple precautions that can be taken to prevent vehicle theft.

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3) Increase in Fuel efficiency : We all understand clearly that one of the biggest expenses on a fleet of vehicles would be fuel, able to improve the fuel efficiency even by a small number is a big saving for fleet managers. The better you maintain your fleet, the better will be its fuel efficiency. Discover 5 ways about how fleet management software can help save fuel.

4) Extend Replacement cycles: When a company or individual takes ownership of a vehicle for business, the company tries to utilize or benefit from the truck for as long as possible until serious repairs starts showing up, shorter the replacement cycle more costs and time involved in replacing it with a new vehicle. So with a sound and timely maintenance plan intact with the help of a fleet maintenance software will definitely extend the life of the vehicle. Find out different ways of optimizing your fleet efficiency.

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