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Fleet Software For Food & Beverage Fleet


Cold Chain Logistics | Temperature Monitoring


Adhere To Compliance

As per the FDA regulation, monitoring the condition of your reefer trucks during the entire cycle of the product from dispatch to delivery is important with access to historical data of temperature and route.

Deliver More In Less Time

Setting automated alerts using Traxroot for any event such as speed or temperature enables the dispatcher to focus on other operation issues to deliver and handle more goods in less time for more profitability.

Control Costs

Having all the details at the comfort of your dashboard such as idling time, fuel monitoring, temperature monitoring, location and status improves coordination and predictive maintenance and controls costs.

Compliance Ready For Intense Distribution

With bigger operations comes bigger fleet and more data points to manage. Without automated alerts to focus on, issues related to your fleet you would be sitting on data which is real time but will not be able to react to the same since your fleet managers cannot be doing the heavy lifting for you 24/7. 

Traxroot provides you with a whole list of alerts that can be triggered, so that you can focus only on the right things gone wrong and immediately respond to the situation and bring it back under control.

Resource Utilization for reefer trucks

Resource Utilization

Know what kind of fleet is been most used and how many jobs have been taken 

Temperatre monitoring for reefer trucks

Real Time Temperature Monitoring 24/7

Monitor minute by minute live temperature data and get email or SMS notifications 

GPS Tracking Live Dashboard for cold chain logistics

Live Dashboard

Traxroot Field Management Software dashboard streams all data in real time.



Safety Matters Most

Keep a tab on driver behavior and get real time alerts for a range of events.

Reduce Food Wastage

Integrate sensors online and get insight on temperature and faster dispatches.

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