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Why is Fleet Management Crucial for Long Haul Trucks?

Safety is the utmost importance (and key legal responsibility) for companies operating vehicle fleets and equipment. Vehicle tracking system improves safety management by monitoring driver behavior and performance as well as vehicle and equipment performance. Live GPS tracking of your assets can also direct you to emergency help where you need it and also helps industry and society adapt to the current challenges live better traffic management and mobility at large and populated cities.

why fleet management is crucial for long haul trucks

The global positioning system (GPS) enables both tracking and searching of routes and has many applications for fleet managers and truck owners, the GPS system can help increase productivity, effectively manage costs and drivers, plan shipping routes and evaluate deadlines. Safety been an important aspect, vehicle tracking system & fleet management has played a vital role in increasing the same for drivers, helping in navigation and generating faster and reliable reports.

Traxroot Connect is a fleet management software that allows fleet managers to monitor vehicles in real time. Fleet managers can easily send data to their dispatchers and drivers to provide them with the best possible routes, saving fuel costs and the time needed on the road. This feature ensures that drivers stick to best practices on their routes, which is an important aspect in ensuring compliance with internal regulations and external standards regarding fleet management.

Fleet managers no longer have to rely on driver logs, service forms and truck maintenance records to track fleet operations. With instant access to vehicle performance and driver performance data, the company can better manage the costs associated with fleet operations, thanks to GPS vehicle tracking, companies can add more orders every business day. Other main reasons for the high costs of the fleet are the unauthorized use of the vehicle and incorrect driver behavior. Research shows that Vehicle Tracking encourages employees to work more efficiently and to stop using company trucks for personal use. High-quality fleet tracking solutions also provide the ability to automate working time cards.

Fleet management solutions provide a level of sophistication today that provides fleet managers with better visibility of fleet locations and operations than in previous years. Fleet management software now even provide a detailed analysis of the impact of driver behavior and vehicle activity on operating costs and fuel consumption, by analyzing this data, fleet managers gain insight into the impact of speed and idle on fuel consumption.

The more data available from fleets, the more indicators, such as safety, maintenance and fuel consumption, are monitored and tracked. To simplify data management, providers of fleet management solutions aggregate data into one system, which facilitates data digestion and trend analysis. A true fleet management solution provides fleet owners and managers with a full picture of fleet performance and mobile resource activity to increase productivity on a unified platform.

Companies that want to transport cargo need more complex solutions: maintenance planning, registration, tracking, driver management and operational costs are just the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of freight forwarders take daily steps to increase efficiency by using fleet management technology. Fleet management software is a stand-alone cloud application or product that helps companies make the most of work vehicles from one centralized platform. In addition to the software, fleet management includes the use of a telematics unit with a user interface device.

Products include Traxroot Connect Platform. For more information on products suitable for you and your fleet, contact our Solution Advisor. In the opinion of the reviewers, the software is easy to use and the company provides excellent support. Features include fleet inventory tracking of an unlimited number of vehicles, preventive maintenance to let you know when to service your vehicle, repair maintenance, history logging, fuel consumption tracking, parts list, work orders and flexible reporting. With this fleet management software, you can easily and effectively maximize availability and performance, while extending the lifetime of your resources.

As fuel consumption is one of the most urgent costs for fleets, identifying and reducing excessive fuel consumption is key to overall performance. Telematics enables this by more direct route planning, reducing bottlenecks in the workplace and reducing engine idle, as well as detecting unauthorized vehicles or equipment (so that companies can reduce fuel consumption). It also simplifies preventative maintenance planning, which in turn helps maximize the availability of vehicles and equipment.

Thanks to the GPS vehicle tracking system, fleet managers can measure the routes their vehicles travel with. Using this data, you can determine shorter routes and later save fuel costs. In this way, companies can significantly reduce fuel consumption and ensure that they do not waste fuel. Fleet companies can also save fuel by constantly monitoring employee performance, interrupting breaks and deliberately traveling longer distances to pass the time are typical mistakes made by the driver, which can lead to high fuel costs.

Fleet management software can provide tools for managing fuel consumption, such as route optimization, local gas price identification, consumption tracking and fuel card support.


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