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Top 5 Blogs Every Fleet Manager Should Read

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Here are a list along with links of 5 blogs that every fleet manager should read :

1) 7 Ways to Save Money Using a Robust Fleet Management System :

ways to save money using a fleet management system

As a company owner, you realize that the cost of overheads nowadays can eat into your business profit margins and make it troublesome for you to keep your business running easily. Read more.....

2) Top 10 Winter Tips To Prepare Your Trucks or Vehicles in US, Canada & UK :

10 winter tips for trucks in the US and Canada

Have you conducted a winter vehicle checkup and is your fleet ready for the harsh and unforgiving winter season? Regions of Canada, US and UK are exposed to terrible winters and the sort of substantial snowfall that may affect the safety, performance and life cycle of your vehicles. Read More....

3) The Future of Managing Fleet & Its Effectiveness :

The future of fleet management and its effects

Owner-operators and fleets of every size should be thinking about 5-10 years from now, on how telematics technology lets them compete now and will continue to do so; not solely its compliance role, but how it improves business. Read more...

4) What are the Top 5 Responsibilities of a Fleet Manager ?

top 5 responsibilities of a fleet manager

In a logistics company, transportation company, or any other company which uses a fleet of vehicles, fleet managers play an important role in the entire life cycle of a vehicle right from acquisition, management, maintenance and reselling the same. Read more...

5) 5 Latest Transportation & Fleet Management Trends in 2018

fleet management trends

The essential to the achievement within the fleet trade is giving the foremost pricing, economical services, efficient & flexible. That’s why fleet company ought to flip towards trendy ways to contend with competitors in the market. Read more..

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