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11 Things To Keep In Your Truck or Vehicle Which Will Help You During an Emergency or Break Down

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

11 things to keep in your vehicle during emergency or breakdown

These days almost all vehicles come with a road assistance plan, but the problems is how long are they going to take to reach you and whether it is minor or a major problem. Because if it is a monitor problem and can be fixed and handled by the driver with some tools, in which case the time taken to complete the repair can or may be much shorter to the wait or turn around team of the road assistance team or other back up. Time is critical, and every delay will affect the operations of the company. If the vehicle or truck is already fitted with an OBD2 device which is connected to a fleet management software then you are able to retrieve the fault codes so that the team which is attending the beak down is prepared in advance, learn more about benefits and types of OBD2 devices. Also a GPS based vehicle tracking software and tracking device can share the exact breakdown location of the vehicle or truck so that the assistance team reaches the site quickly.

Here are 11 things to Keep in your Truck for On Road Emergency :

  1. · Ice scraper and snow brushes

  2. · Gloves and a blanket

  3. · Traction mats

  4. · A flashlight and batteries

  5. · First aid kit

  6. · A water bottle and a few non-perishable foods

  7. · Jump leads

  8. · A small shovel

  9. · Road flares or Reflective triangles

  10. · A fire extinguisher

  11. · Essential toolbox (screwdrivers, pincers, customizable torque)

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