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What is the Role of IoT in Fleet Management?

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

IoT is a breakthrough for fleet managers because it provides Internet access to every vehicle and fleet resource. The resulting cost savings, environmental benefits, driver safety and customer satisfaction make the Internet of Things a significant investment for companies.

Connected vehicle projection in the US

Vehicle speed, acceleration and deceleration, location and distance traveled, fuel consumption, engine power, load mass and driver distraction are just some of the factors that allow the Internet of Things to measure and transfer data. By combining the Internet of Things with artificial intelligence, large data and predictive analytics, network vehicle technology can revolutionize the fleet management industry.

In this article, we'll only examine some of the implications for fleet management.

Logistics companies can move to the cloud for daily operations and track their fleets anytime, anywhere on any device. Fleet managers can use IoT and GPS Tracking to access relevant information such as road conditions, weather and traffic. In addition, thanks to the vehicle management system, maintenance can be carried out in a timely manner and some times maintenance can be planned ahead of complete vehicle breakdown by exercising some preventive maintenance measures.

Fleet management refers to equipment, software and solutions that are used by fleet administrators, dispatchers and administrative staff to effectively manage a vehicle pool. Fleet management software displays vehicle locations on a map and provides an overview of vehicle activity and provides a history of resource activity. When managing a fleet, the GPS tracking device used to send the vehicle position is usually connected to the vehicle and draws energy from the vehicle's battery. Fleet data is crucial for the analysis and forecasting of fleet operations, which creates new opportunities to improve overall fleet performance.

For companies whose mobile assets are located in large geographical areas, you have the freedom to monitor each device or structure in your organization from anywhere using your mobile device or any computer. The IoT enabled GPS tracking devices not only determines the location of their employees and resources, but also gain valuable insight into the local conditions of these resources. Our solutions enable you to connect to remote resources and capture useful data regarding resource utilization, status, errors and location. Traxroot offers asset management products for vehicles, portable generators, compressors, pumps, cranes, forklifts, heavy machinery, radiators and more. With Traxroot's heavy machine management solution, fleet managers can track each machine and provide proper maintenance.

Planning, fleet management and efficient routing are just some of the benefits of the Internet of Things.The Internet of Things helps track the performance of a vehicle component by comparing it with the current performance of the component with standard performance.The notification will be sent if any abnormalities or degradation of performance are detected. IoT in fleet management enables fleet operators to automate various processes and dispatch planning. For example, if the vehicle breaks down, the system may send automatic notification of tickets to tugs and nearest gas stations. For weather alerts, automatic notifications can be sent to drivers to help them with redirection and so on. I have had great experience in dealing with various state public transport companies to find solutions and help them design intelligent transport systems.

It is promising for the development of intelligent technologies in a variety of areas, including administration, agriculture, transport, production and disaster management. One such sector is fleet and asset management. The internet of things is changing, connecting vehicles, resources, operators, mechanics, drivers and management like never before. This led to the integration of communication, control and information processing.

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