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What are the Top 3 Problems faced by Vehicle Fleet Owners?

Accurate Asset Tracking is an important way that fleet management solutions can help service fleets save you money.

top 3 problems of fleet owners

Fleet Safety and Performance: Fleet management solutions have proved so effective in increasing safety that assists some insurance companies offer discounts on used fleets as part of their Usage Based Insurance programs. They provide fleet owners with the telematics data needed to determine if their drivers are guilty in the event of an accident or exceeding speed. Gamification is also a great way to involve drivers and service fleets in the competition for who will get the best security ratings for a mobile device.

With the data, alerts and reports generated from vehicle tracking systems , fleet managers can ensure the security of their fleets. In addition, they can identify drivers with bad driving habits and help them improve during training sessions. Not only does it contribute to fleet security, but it also helps fleet managers train & coach the driver.

Our fleet management software operates in more than wide range of industries, and and ensures fast, secure and scalable solution, the scalability built into our fleet management software also includes reporting options and provides the ability to use cloud computing to create rich reports. Unlike other fleet management applications whose data is often limited, large companies can use our fleet management software to report large amounts of data in their fleet.

Fuel Monitoring : Many fleet managers believe that one of their biggest challenges is planning, budgeting and mitigating variable fuel costs. They must also be familiar with the various fuel saving technologies available, including electric vehicles, hybrids and diesel engines, and fuel saving devices. Each OEM offers different technologies and different options for direct injection, turbocharging and transmission, which results in better fuel savings. Although this makes the acquisition process a bit more complex, it is important to understand all this so that you can properly equip your vehicles.

Keeping your fleet in excellent condition with consistent maintenance can also help you reduce your fuel consumption.Other measures, such as eliminating idle time and reducing the overall size of the fleet, can also help save fuel. Fraud and security in fuel management can also affect fuel efficiency.Check the solids and the water content of your fleet's fuel filters at every oil change interval to ensure optimal operation. If contaminated fuel ever enters the fleet engines, engine problems may occur, such as uneven idling, poor operation, and even engine damage. To avoid pollution, fleets must proactively maintain fuel tanks to ensure diesel quality and optimize the operation of their fleets.

Fleet Maintenance : Fleet maintenance is very crucial and becomes a over loading task specially for companies handling a large fleet. Fleet maintenance is a very broad subject which involves preassigned task based on mileage, time or engine hours, and when a OBD ( Benefits & Types of OBD-2-Devices | On-Board Diagnostic System | Real Time Alerts) is connected then it qualifies for real time maintenance. Not attending to timely maintenance can not only effect the budget set for maintenance but it can also bring the entire operations of the company to stand still, leading in business loss and customer dissatisfaction.

Know more about the Check List for Fleet Maintenance & Effective Truck Maintenance Over Time.To under stand more about our solutions Contact Traxroot solution team to get a free demo of our Traxroot Connect Platform.


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