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How to Pay Vehicle E-Challan Online and Offline in India?

After a vehicle e-challan is being issued to you, you need to pay the fine to avoid further legal hassles. There are two ways by which you can pay traffic in India, one is online and the other is offline. Let's now understand the process and method of paying a vehicle e- challan both 'offline and online'. Know further about Who has the Cheapest Car Insurance in India?

How to Pay Vehicle E-Challan Online and Offline

Online Process:

The online process to pay your vehicle e-challan is the easiest and the simplest way to make the payment in case you have got a challan for disobeying the traffic laws. All you need to do is follow the mentioned steps and make a payment online.

  1. You need to go to the official site of the respective state transport website. To cite an example- West Bengal Transport has the official website similarity you will get for Delhi govt, Karnataka govt, Maharashtra govt. so and so forth.

  2. You need to choose the option of paying violation fines for the appropriate offense like charges for no parking, not wearing a seat belt, not wearing a helmet and many others

  3. You can then select the related offense and fill in the essential details accordingly

  4. You will have to give your vehicle registration number or the parking violation label number etc if this information is known to you.

  5. You will then have to enter the details and the present unsettled amount

  6. Then you can make an online payment with your debit or credit card and by providing the necessary details of the card, validate it through a random Captcha code and then click “submit” in order to proceed further

  7. Thus, after your payment is done, you will get a receipt for payment of the same

  8. You can make your vehicle E-challan payment through e-wallets like Paytm as well

  9. After the payment is successfully processed, you will receive an SMS confirming your payment for the vehicle echallan.

Offline Process:

The offline process is also very simple and easy. But the online process saves your time and energy and hence you would not want to go physically and pay the fine. But it is always good to know about the process in case you need to follow the same any day. Know What is Pay As You Drive Insurance? And how it works?

  1. In the offline process, you can pay your vehicle e-challan at any nearest traffic police station to your residence

  2. Documents that you need to carry are the traffic violation letter in case you have received the same along with your driving license

  3. In case you did not receive the traffic violation letter, you can request the Traffic Police Officer to check on your earlier dues if there are any, so that you can pay all the fines at once

  4. The traffic officers can retrieve all data from their smartphones wherein he would be able to see the details of your earlier dues as well

  5. It is judicious to pay the fine immediately and certainly not keeping the same pending to have a hassle-free driving.


Always follow the traffic rules and never violate any traffic regulations, else you will be issued vehicle e-challan for the offense made by you. Why go for the same? Instead, diligently follow all traffic directives and make sure all your you are driving safely, as when you are driving, it’s not just your safety, but you are responsible for other drivers and pedestrian’s safety as well. Always remember, driving is exciting but it comes with some responsibilities as well, so drive well and drive safely. Explore more about How Does a GPS Vehicle Tracking Device Work?

Contact us for a quick demo of our GPS Tracking software to understand how our software offers you real-time insights for track and trace, vehicle health, driving behavior, real-time fuel efficiency, and fuel loss alert and saves your money on challans in India. Information can also be accessible on smartphones via an app, on a real-time basis. Visit our FAQ page for some frequently asked questions on fleet management.


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