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Why Temperature Monitoring System is Most Essential in Hotter Places Like The State of Texas ?

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Reefer truck with temperature monitoring system

Texas comes in the list of the top 5 hottest states in America.

Problem: The hottest temperature that is ever recorded in Texas is 120 degrees, which was in August 1936 in the town of Seymour and in June 1994 in Monahans. The national weather service issued an outrageous fire threat cautioning in north part of Texas.

As the temperature increases, the products spoilage rate will also increase faster, as a result most of the items will spoil rapidly. Without a freezer or temperature monitoring system food products like vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and other similar food products are banned to transport in long haul the same for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and medical products. According to the Healthcare Distribution Management Association, about 10% of medical items like blood products & vaccines are sensitive for temperature change.

Solution: Remote Temperature Monitoring Device is an instrument that is capable to monitor & manage temperature levels in your fleet; it helps to get data remotely from the device and which is shown in the form of analytics, reports & alerts on the front-end of a vehicle tracking software.

Temperature sensor in vehicle tracking systems enables fleet owners to get real time temperature, location, status and history reports. This kind of data empowers fleet managers to manage their fleet in a more efficient way and also helps them to adhere to all related compliance. On the off chance that the organization realizes that there's an issue with the refrigeration hardware, the truck can be redirected off its course for prompt checkup.

With the assistance of GPS fleet tracking, it's something beyond the temperature inside the truck that can be observed. GPS tracking devices combined with fleet management software can enable drivers to choose the most optimize route while diminishing fuel utilization, which is one of the advantages of using the fleet management system.

Features & benefits of temperature monitoring system

  • Real time temperature observing to guarantee the safety of goods in the cooler trucks

  • Immediate SMS or email alerts when temperature goes past the set limit or if the vehicle strays from preset course.

  • Alerts when trucks go into unapproved area and if vehicle halts at unscheduled stops

  • Reduce risk and number of rejected products because of spoilt goods

  • Route improvement that spares both time and cash, better route planning will decrease ineffective work and dispense with pointless fuel expenses

  • Fleet management System also diminishes paperwork & helps in providing remote temperature reading from inside the reefer truck for any further investigation or legal proof of compliance for non-spoilage of perishable goods

  • Temperature monitoring systems helps in compliance for transportation of frozen food by following the most common temperature standards like “Deep Frozen” (-29 degrees C) “banana” (13 degrees C), “Frozen” (-18 degrees C) and “Chill” (2 degrees C).

Contact us for a demo to explore more about temperature graphs, reports and alerts generated by Traxroot Vehicle Tracking Software.


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