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What is a Good CSA Score? How to Improve my CSA Score (FMCSA)

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Launched in December 2010, CSA stands for Compliance, Safety, Accountability, and is an FMCSA initiative that was introduced to improve the overall safety of commercial motor vehicles. CSA scores are critical to the success of a carrier. When managed well, a CSA score can help carriers get access to preferred loads and even reduced insurance rates.

  • CSA scores are calculated on a zero to 100 percentile scale.

  • With 100 indicating the worst performance and zero (0) indicating the best performance.

  • The FMCSA sets intervention thresholds on a per-category level, based on the BASIC's relationship to crash risk.

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What is a Good CSA Score? How to Improve my CSA Score (FMCSA)

Is Greater than 65% CSA Score Unsafe Driving?

CSA scores are often misunderstood due to the complexity of the program and seemingly constant change. In this article, we have clearly and simply explained what is a good CSA score? How to maintain and improve it? Explore further: What is Reckless Driving? Is it a Criminal Offense? (Simplified)

How to Improve my CSA Score:

5 Tips for Improving your CSA Scores

You can avoid these methods of intervention by adhering to the following tips:

1. Change of Corporate Culture

2. Educate your employees

3. Understanding Top violations

4. Pre-trip inspections

5. CSA resource center

1. Change of Corporate Culture:

Improving CSA scores starts with your company’s corporate culture. Does your organization make it a point to discuss the value of safety on a regular basis? Don’t just post a sign in the break room; communicate it in everything you do. Read more about the Top 7 Essential Road Safety Rules for Drivers

2. Educate your Employees:

Educating your employees and drivers about the nuances of the CSA initiative goes hand in hand with changing the corporate culture. While it’s been around for almost four years now, many individuals just don’t know enough about it to comply. Explain what’s expected and warn about the severity of violations. Here are the Top 6 Trends in Green Driving Habits for Your Fleet/vehicle

3. Understanding Top Violations:

Not all violations are created equal. Really hone in on the top violations and ensure your company avoids them. These include having defective reflective devices or lights, running on tires with a tread depth less than 2/32 of an inch, driving with a damaged windshield, operating a truck with faulty brake connections, and using inoperative turn signals. Learn more about 5 basic fleet management problems and challenges.

4. Pre-trip Inspections:

Pre-trip inspections should be mandatory, and each driver should have a scorecard that lists past violations and tendencies. It’s amazing how much drivers improve when they know they’re being watched. Read more about the Top 10 Winter Tips To Prepare Your Vehicles in US, Canada & UK

5. CSA Resource Center:

The FMCSA isn’t out to get you – they want you to succeed. In honor of that commitment, they’ve provided plenty of resources on their website. Print these, hand them out to employees, and really harp on the value of compliance. Also Read about the Top 6 Haunted Roads in India: Drivers/ Passengers should Avoid.

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