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How Software Helps Fleet Management and GPS Tracking in Australia for Lone Workers?

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Tracking and managing your fleet at any location is important but what makes Australia special?

Fleet management software for lone workers in Australia
Fleet management software comes to the aid of lone workers in Australia.

The population density in Australia is 3.1 per square km when compared to India which is 382 per square km. What this actually means is the population is less and scattered in Australia therefore having many lone workers getting their job done on the field. He can be a field service management agent or a delivery guy or even a plumber.

When your employees are working on the field for you they can be susceptible to a lot of situations which can be both simple and life-threatening and it is important at all times to be constant touch with your on field agents and drivers.

Here are some ways in which a fleet management software can help stream line your operations and also pay attention to safety :

  1. GPS live tracking : Having real time information about your drivers and agents are crucial to send back up during any emergency or vehicle break down using a robust vehicle tracking system.

  2. SOS : Letting your team know immediately during an emergency is very important, and how quickly and easily is the driver able to send an SOS alert matters.

  3. Driver Behavior : From excessive speeding to harsh breaking and acceleration, get access to history and real time alerts.

  4. Trip history : Get complete graphical movement on the map about the routes taken for today or any other previous dates up-to an year depending on the plan you have subscribed to.

  5. Map Layers : During dispatch it is important to have access to map layers which give information about fire, flood, road repair and other natural calamities and weather forecast to make sure that your driver or agent is operating in safe areas.

  6. Communication : Having constant communication either through chat or voice is needed to check in constantly with the dispatch team back at the office,

  7. Dispatch : Ability to dispatch or send work orders to the driver or agent to their mobile app along with navigation helps in reaching the customer faster and also helps in organizing all orders for the day based on time of delivery or completion and distance.


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