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Track, Maintain & Manage Fleet for
Oil, Gas & Mining

Oil, Gas_Mining

Track Fuel and Get Insight on Premaintenance

Better Maintenance

In the oil, gas and mining industry where the trucks and other equipment is subject to harsh environments and round the clock operations it is best for a Fleet management software to handle all related issues.

OBD Connectivity

Traxroot vehicle tracking software enables to monitor the health of the vehicle at all time using OBD. Fault codes are sent to the maintenance department to respond quickly with the respective tools and parts.

Behavior & Safety

In such harsh environments and lone worker situations, keeping tab on the drivers location, fuel level, driver identification by RFID , driver behavior and vehicle status is crucial for the safety of the driver and vehicle.

Maintenance and Safety Go Hand In Hand Together

The pressure is always on for keeping your employees safe in the oil, gas and mining industry. And when the operations is large then monitoring their safety manually is just not productive.

Getting visibility 24/7 on your area of operations both on site and offsite is key for handling asset maintenance and employee safety. Once this is on track the next issue is security. Traxroot help you to handle all safety and operations related issues which can increase downtime in a big way putting a halt to the complete operations and production.

Driver Identification/ Shift Change for oil, gas and minin industry

Driver Identification/ Shift Change

Equipping your drivers with RFID tags  confirm the correct identity of the driver. 

Service & Maintenance for oil gas and mining industry

Service & Maintenance

Stay ahead of all the chaos caused by your fleet. Get real time notifications. 

Measuring Sensors such as temperature and fuel for oil, gas and mining industry

Measuring Sensors

This feature helps you to get data out of various sensors connected to your vehicle. 




Driver Behavior & Safety

Set rules and get information on penalty points for driver behavior.

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule service alerts and track expenses to streamline the process.

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