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Different Ways of Optimizing Your Fleet Life Cycle with Fleet Management System

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Optimize fleet life cycle using fleet management system

As fleet proprietors, it must be your need to amplify up-time and diminish costs while dealing with the fleet. An upgraded path to increase the life cycle of your fleet for particular operational needs and understanding support necessities is very important, verifiable information, examination and potential resale value are other aspects which should be considered. It dispenses with mystery of increase in maintaining and managing your fleet which eventually causes you to save cash over the long haul.

Here are some tips you must follow for optimizing your fleet's life cycle :


1. Proactive Vehicle Maintenance

It can be a difficult task to monitor the health of your vehicle once your fleet grows and business develops. Since drivers or field specialists are commonly more centered around serving your clients – they are less inclined to make sure to report that a check motor light was on. It's smarter to depend on GPS tracking devices and fleet management software to give you instance alerts when your vehicles require support through OBD. Furthermore, these applications can give you maintenance alerts based on dates or time or based on mileage, which also helps you to bring down vehicle downtime and costly fixes. Get insight about the check list for fleet maintenance.

2. Fuel Management and Savings

Fleet management systems are incredible arrangements on eliminating fuel utilization and fighting fluctuating fuel costs. Propelled GPS tracking abilities empower you to oversee driver behavior, and track any kind of fuel pilferage which can be shown graphically; also it gives you information about the vehicle idle time and how frequently drivers start your vehicles. Managers would then be able to train drivers in view of the data, such as advising drivers to reduce the idle time and also mentor drivers on speeding up and braking, which are additionally fuel-squandering practices. Learn more about 5 ways in which Fleet Management software can help save fuel.

3. Increase more Safety

Safety is most essential as central as fuel, vehicles, drivers and support are. You need to advance security and stress on its important. You ought to have a system set up for managing risks and assembling data helping you in staying away from events. On the legal point of view, you moreover need to agree to safety controls or may realize in sanctions. You have to guarantee drivers have the essential aptitudes to complete the movement and set them up reliably.

To help improve the safety of your fleet here are few tips you can follow.

  • Follow regular schedule maintenance.

  • Plan your trip.

  • Slow down for turns/curves.

  • Be aware of speed limits.

  • Maintain a proper stopping distance.

  • Avoid using your cell phone while driving.

  • Watch out for the weather.

Read more about the benefits of using an OBD2 device for your fleet and how it can help increase safety.

4. Expanded Employee Productivity

Because of client request, numerous organizations are centered around conveying quicker service. With route optimization by means of GPS management, your fleet can take the shortest route to their goals, or the best route to avoid congested streets. Speedier trips mean less time on route and additional time finishing services, bringing about general expanded representative efficiency.

5. Keep all Documents Digital.

Stacking up paperwork may be a thing of the past. Digitally gathering and storing these data may decrease on your cost significantly and digital data also helps you to easily access the exact information by just choosing the date and the respective driver that you’re looking to gather reports about. Each absolute archive for example, invoices, receipts, orders, photos, result manuals, representative records, etc., can be put away in one focal computerized area. This permits you to right away entry any information from whatever internet-connected device, from any location.

6. Measure & Monitor Everything

A sound fleet management software or a vehicle tracking software always helps you to gather data which are important for the operations of your business. Let it be reports such as distance, or speed, or geofencing, stoppage or idle time all these data gathered in the data base and can be accessed at any given time in a very convenient way.

For reliable and accurate tracking services at a highly competitive price, contact Traxroot Fleet Tracking Team for a consultation. Customer service representatives can outline how the company’s services which can benefit you. If you would like to partner with us click here, and if you would like to host the fleet software on your server, then click here.


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