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3 Reasons Why Remote Temperature Monitoring is Important in Reefer Trucks & Supply Chain Management

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Remote Temperature Monitoring importance in Reefer & Supply Chain

Improper temperature control is a key reason why food and other perishable cargo are wasted in the supply chain.

Monitor Cold Chain Operations for Increased Profitability

  • Ensure cargo temperature stays within the acceptable range and use sensors to alert if any sudden changes occur.

  • Minimize temperature-related load rejections, reduce costly spoilage claims, cut redelivery costs and use “lockdown” mode to help prevent cargo theft.

  • Provide critical reports to determine location, reduce dwell times and optimize reefer performance.

Learn more on why remote temperature monitoring is important in reefer trucks and supply chain management.

Reduce Fuel Consumption and Fleet Operating Costs

Find out 5 ways how Traxroot can help your fleet save fuel.

Enhance Regulatory Compliance

  • Automate compliance with the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and other food safety regulations.

  • Comply with stringent pharmaceutical transport requirements, such as the Good Distribution Practice(European Directive 92/25/EEC).

  • Leverage devices from a manufacturer validated for Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP5) compliance.

Contact Traxroot to know more about how our software helps to monitor temperature in reefer trucks.

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