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How Vehicle Tracking Benefits Cable & Telecom Fleet?

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Boost Safety

Whatever assets you're handling, safety is among your main priorities - specific and automated SMS or Email alerts can be set for events which can ensure the safety thereby not hampering productivity. 

Enabling Visibility

One of the key aspects of running a business which involves a fleet of vehicles is 24/7 visibility. From location of the asset to monitoring fuel, your team should know what your asset is up-to at any time.

Maximising Efficiency

Efficiency is at the heart of your organisation. Managing fuel costs, daily inspections and overall vehicle up-time becomes increasingly difficult to manage as your budget fluctuates from year to year.

Get Insight of Your Assets No Matter Where They Go

Safety, efficiency and maintenance cost are some of the parameters that are vital for running and maintaining your fleet effectively.


With Traxroot connected to your fleet, you can not only get details about the GPS location of the asset but also other detailed reports such as distance travelled, status of any particular task, list of tasks assigned, service alerts of your asset and many more. Reports can be auto scheduled to a particular team which can be emailed respectively. We help your drivers to reach their destination on time with shortest route guidance and live traffic updates as well. 

Get better visibility using a vehicle tracking for cable and telecom fleet

Asset Visibility

Enjoy the benefits of a birds eye view of your entire fleet in real time .

Get history routes and reports of your vehicles for cable and telecom fleet

History Report

Roll back in time and get details about location, stoppage and other reports.

Know the status of your vehicles trip using vehice tracking for cable & telecom fleet

Trip Status

Know details about the trip such as start time, current status, end time.


Stream Real Time Data

Get instant updates of your resource's location and events. Keep a tab on driver behavior using Traxroot Logic™

Faster Response Time

Traxroot Field™ gives you a quick overview about the availability of your workers or team, work status of the job in real time.

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