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What Simple Precautions Can Be Taken Against Vehicle Theft

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Vehicle theft is a huge issue in the United States and in numerous other nations around the globe. Exceptionally the older vehicles are more defenseless in light of the fact that they are not pre-stacked with the advanced safety efforts incorporated into the most recent vehicles, for example, Mac truck, Toyota, Volvo, Scania models.

Ways in which vehicle theft can be prevented other than using a vehicle tracking system

  • Place as a factor: Stopping in a sufficiently bright region will help deflect hoodlums, yet stopping near building doorways and close parking area surveillance cameras includes additional layers of insurance. Parking structures are regularly viewed as sheltered spots for stopping your auto so it won't get stolen; yet stopping in a disconnected place could bargain your own security. In the event that you do utilize a parking structure, attempt to stop as near a surveillance camera as would be prudent.

  • Disadvantages of an unattended fleet of vehicles: Despite the fact that it influences the initial couple of minutes for you to enter your vehicle disagreeably, attempt to oppose the compulsion to leave windows open amid the summer season. In the event that you have children or there's an adolescent new driver as a major aspect of your family, pass this significant data about vehicle theft evasion recommendation to them. Teenagers can be indiscreet more often than not. Never leave your vehicle unattended with the motor running, which may likewise refute your protection cover. Keep in mind a vehicle thief just needs seconds and most vehicle burglary is done by experts.

  • Do not disclose VIN & Keys details with strangers: Duplicate your number plate and VIN numbers on a card and keep them on you with your driving permit. In the event that your vehicle is stolen, police will require this data quickly. Try not to leave your extra key some place which as common access to other people (especially in the vehicle itself). Additionally, on the off chance that you have given an extra vehicle key to somebody who no longer needs it, request it back promptly.

  • Don’t leave your valuables in vehicle: Expensive things left behind in the car always attract thieves to break in and can ultimately lead to auto theft. Something like a laptop bag sitting on the driver's seat of your vehicle is dazzling sight to a criminal. Shockingly, even extra change is adequate for a couple of individuals to break in. At the point when he's smashed a window to get your laptop, he might just go all the way and take your vehicle. If you absolutely should leave a noteworthy thing in your vehicle, put it in the capacity compartment. Nevertheless, be cautious, the horrendous individual may watch you do all things considered. Help deflect vehicle theft by instinct ahead and leaving assets at home.

  • Use a GPS tracking system with anti-theft features: About portion of insurance agencies offer a low price premium with enormous entirety guaranteed for vehicles that have a GPS tracking device with anti-burglary features.

With the start ignition disable feature, even if the thief has got his hands on the vehicle, unless and until he has access to the RFID based key card which is assigned to each driver respectively, he will not be able to start the vehicle. GPS tracking system merges vehicle immobilizer structures that shield guilty parties from hot wiring your Vehicle. The admin can also deny or allow access to the card; another advantage is admin can know the driver who is currently driving based on the RFID card. Only after successful recognition of the RFID card by the software can the driver start the vehicle. There by adding another layer of security.

Also fuel theft, visual graphs and level detection with respective alerts can help in getting better insight on fuel management or fuel theft with Traxroot Fleet Management software.

Having a GPS tracking device with anti-theft feature could spare you a few costs on vehicle protection and moreover diminishes the stresses over your vehicle theft. Learn more about the future of managing fleet and its effectiveness.

If you still haven't connected your vehicle to a Vehicle tracking system with the above options, then feel free to contact Traxroot sales team for more details on the features and pricing. Read more about ways in which a fleet management software can help prevent theft.

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