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What is Fleet Management?

Fleet Management accounts to its capacity which permits transportation companies or any other company which owns, rents or leases a fleet of vehicles for its own use or to provide services to its clients to manage, track and maintain their movable assets which in turn helps in limiting the dangers or risks related with managing their fleet and also to enhance its effectiveness coupled with profitability and reduces the expenses of running and maintaining your fleet.

what is fleet management ?

One of the most important jobs of a fleet manager with the assistance of a robust and feature rich fleet management software and GPS tracking device is to reduce operational costs ranging from fuel, maintenance, optimized trips, driver training and driver attrition.

Fleet management also covers the methods, training, software and steps taken to maximize operational profits and improve customer service when we look at it at a broader perspective. Not only does it help in managing your fleet but it also helps in identifying your best and worst drivers based on parameters like idling, speeding, harsh acceleration and hard braking. Driver behavior is important because it helps in reducing maintenance work for your fleet and improves safety of your goods, fleet and public.

Discover different ways of retrieving fleet management reports.

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