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What Are the Different Ways of Retrieving Reports from Your Fleet Management System?

Fleet managers or dispatch managers in their regular grind of planning, scheduling and dispatching don't get enough time to grind through all the data that is with them in-order to move forward effectively.

fleet management reports

At these time-crunched situations all they need is access to clean reports to analyze and plan effectively. Different software have different ways of delivering and filtering reports.

1) Simple Real Time Reporting : In simple reporting, as usual the user logs into their fleet management software, on the menu bar there will be some reporting features in which you can choose the type of report, a single vehicle or multiple vehicles, set the time duration that you want the report for and click on generate. The server then takes some time to calculate and generate the report. This kind of reporting is usually in real time, which means the system actually takes all the above input from you and then provides you the reports. Similar to ordering a Subway, you choose the bread and all that which goes inside it which usually takes some time to be prepared.

2) Automated Reporting : Once again the end report that you will be getting is the same as Simple reporting, but you here you give a standing instruction to the system to generate certain kind of reports and keep it ready for you to view it when you login to the vehicle tracking system. It is similar to visiting the supermarket where all your consumables are ready to be picked and leave.

3) Scheduling Reports : Now this is interesting, this reporting is similar to the Automated Reporting, not only does the super market has all the things that you need but you have also subscribed for a regular home delivery of certain specific things, you also tell what time and day you are available to receive the goods. So in Scheduling reports the user can set the kind of report, what days of the week is he interested in, whether he wants data gathering during day time or night time and how frequently does he wants these reports to be emailed to him.

If your software is not flexible in generating reports with a strong reporting tool or engine which gives users the power to customize various things to optimize data targeting in-order to take fruitful decisions, then this could be a hindrance in improving the capabilities of your fleet and team. With innovative and powerful fleet management software solutions available today there is no reason to allow fleet managers to benefit from the same.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of all three ways of retrieving your fleet reports then contact us for a quick demo.


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