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Ways of Cutting Cost for your Fleet by Using a Sound Fleet Management System

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

How fleet management system helps in cutting costs

Fleet managers are constantly under strain to work with a proficient and practical fleet. As the year reaches an end, what is your arrangement for next year from now?

Here some simple ways to cut costs and increase fleet productivity :

1. Gone are the days when fleet drivers used to navigate blindly from point A to B, B to C, and there off.

With today’s technology drivers have the added advantage to be guided by smart navigation & routing software which not only tell them the best route based on live traffic but will also tell them the order there will be delivering the goods. By doing this there is a huge savings in both fuel and time. What's more, with that additional time, you could likely add another activity to the timetable.

The two most important pressure points that any fleet operations will face are gas and time. How precisely you monitor these 2 aspects determines the success of your business.

Through its numerous ongoing advances, fleet management system has given the ability to decrease superfluous mileage.

2. Increase Your Miles Per Gallon.

Increasing your miles per gallon does not mean just monitoring your fuel, etc. A lot of aspects go into increasing your miles per gallon for example it can be unnecessary idling, over speeding, or sudden braking and most important is the cumulative of all these aspects which can be called as driver behavior and all these things considered these exercises can affect fuel proficiency by as much as 33%, as per the EPA. By taking the assistance of telematics one can constantly monitor the driving behavior, any events such as speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration during turn which can also other safety precautions, there by pinpointing and telling that which are your good drivers and which are your bad drivers, which you can eventually utilize for training the respective drivers.

3. Enhance Vehicle Maintenance and Prevent Breakdowns

Other than fuel, another critical effect on a fleet spending plan is the cost of repairing vehicles, because of accidents, breakdowns, and even broad wear-and-tear, . In case of an breakdown, it is vital to have a roadside help program set up to guarantee that the vehicle is back on the road up and running, rapidly and reasonably, before ceasing operations. It's likewise vital to have a safety management program set up to guarantee that drivers are very much prepared, in this manner decreasing the danger of mishaps and damage, and also the cost of protection. Furthermore, you can actualize a settled support plan that will help deal with every vehicle's life cycle, giving suggestions to the vehicle's general upkeep and decreasing net fuel utilization subsequently. Tire management also plays an important role in the maintenance of your vehicle, here are tips to reduce tire expenses to manage your fleet effectively. Also having a checklist for fleet maintenance helps increasing the life cycle of the fleet.

4. Implement Better Driving Habits & Guarantee Driver Safety.

Poor practices like speeding and excessive idling will increase your fuel costs, and bad driving habits can increase the wear and tear on your vehicle thereby increasing part replacement, downtime and repair cost. This can ultimately eat in to your protection premiums. Find out how insurance companies utilize vehicle tracking systems to increase or decrease premiums.

With a sound fleet management system, one can monitor the driving habits of their drivers and the system can auto generate scores based on your input. Drivers with bad scores can be introduced to training and change management programs.

Checking these practices is critical to cutting expenses no matter how you look at it, expanding your accessibility to go up against more work, and establishing the correct connection on present and potential clients in your administration territories.

5. Robotize your organization frameworks.

A cost that can be so barely noticeable with regards to fleet management is the time spent on organization tasks. On the off chance that you deal with the majority of your administrator utilizing paper-based frameworks, its likely time to consider utilizing technology to make a portion of these undertakings more proficient, discharging your office staff to accomplish other management based assignments. Speaking with your workforce, including sending jobs to them, invoicing and charging, steering and planning, cost administration, administration and upkeep updates, vehicle checks, and numerous more standard assignments would all be able to be computerized with a fleet management or telematics solution. Find out how field service management software helps in automating the process of dispatch and control over your field workers.

6. Hire a Fleet Manager or Get valuable Expertise.

By procuring a fleet manager, regardless of whether onsite or remote locations, you can utilize a person with the ability to take precautions which would otherwise impact your fleet. Along with the assistance of a sound fleet management software, your fleet manager will have solid administration from a talented expert who can offer the most ideal planning tips particularly for your fleet constantly.

Make Cutting Costs Easy

With the assistance of a GPS fleet management system like Traxroot Fleet, streamlining your business is straightforward. From real-time route optimization to monitoring driver behavior our software will constantly monitor your fleet. Find out how construction equipment and fleet benefit from the fleet management software.

Our most recent Traxroot fleet management solution gives any business a chance to decrease operational costs, and improve efficiency.

For reliable and accurate tracking services at a highly competitive price, contact Traxroot Fleet Tracking Team for a consultation. Customer service representatives can outline how the company’s services which can benefit you. If you would like to partner with us click here.


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