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Points to Be Noted Before Choosing a Vehicle Tracking Software for Your Business

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Vehicle works with the help of a vehicle tracking hardware and a telematics software, which is able to get data from the device and show it in the form of analytics & reports in the front-end, which ultimately helps you to track and manage your fleet. The data also helps in triggering alerts, fuel monitoring, driver identification, driver behavior analysis, and other MIS reports etc.

  • Decide Your Unique Business Needs – Every business has its own different kind of needs or report that has to be given by the software in order for the business to run smoothly like for example for some companies fleet maintenance may by an issue, where as some companies more than the fleet maintenance the location of the vehicle may be an issue. So it really depends on the kind of business needs.

  • Figuring out what kind of features are important to you – There is a whole list of features that a fleet management software can provide, details click here.

Whether it is last mile delivery or whether it is OBD monitoring, being knowledgeable about what exactly a fleet management software and checking if the software has a reporting engine which can help in scheduling a particular report which should be mailed automatically to the respective team is very important.

  • Support – The software may be the best software but without good support in terms of after sale or technical support is of no use. So a very important thing which should be examined is the kind of support you will be receiving from the company that you’re going to partner.

  • Reporting & Integration – Great software incorporates with other leading software, however great software additionally gives custom interfaces to give the most ideal way of making sense of the data.

Add or change business logic as per your requirement using Traxroot Fleet's reporting tool and get detailed reports in-order to take business decisions. Reports can be automatically scheduled and emailed on particular days of the week regularly.

  • Hardware Agnostic – A good fleet management software similar to Traxroot Fleet Software is hardware agnostic. Hardware agnostic means the software is able to communicate with a lot of other hardware for example like Traxroot fleet is able to communicate with more then 750+ different kind of hardware protocols and with this our customer will have the opportunity and adaptability to the right equipment that is most appropriate for their requirements.

For reliable and accurate tracking services at a highly competitive price, contact Traxroot Fleet Tracking Team for a consultation. Customer service representatives can outline how the company’s services which can benefit you. If you would like to partner with us click here.


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