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Is there Community spread of Covid-19 among truck drivers in India ?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

The Indian trucking industry deploys more than 8 million drivers and 12 million helpers. As a baseline, 30 million people are directly employed by the trucking industry and more than 150 million people depend on it for their bread and butter, say industry estimates.


More than 50% of India’s (organised long haul) trucking fleet are now without drivers, experts fear even if the lockdown is lifted, the logistics sector may not see an immediate uptick since most drivers have gone back to their native places. Fear of the virus, no work and lack of sustenance in the cities and transportation hubs, have meant most drivers have gone back to where they belong.

Yes there has been some instances of community spread among truck drivers, here are some instances:

  1. While The district administration in Vijayawada revealed a shocking fact that two lorry drivers spread Covid-19 to 40 persons in two localities in Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) by flouting quarantine norms ---  playing cards with neighbours on 25th April, 2020.

  2. In Krishna Lanka, 24 persons contracted the virus through a lorry driver, who returned from Kolkata on April 4rth.

  3. The Odisha government has reported that 19 truck drivers, who were staying in a coronavirus disease (Covid-19) quarantine centre in Rayagada district, escaped through a window on April 22 late night.

  4. A 19-year-old truck driver from Delhi, who died in an accident which tool place in Shimla was tested positive for Covid 19, which was reported on June 14th.

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