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8 Benefits Enjoyed by HVAC Companies by Using a Sound Field Management Software

As of late, every industry needs to discover methods for accomplishing more with less, and the field service segment has not been forgotten on this. It has turned out to be essential for HVAC organizations and other administration organizations to exploit any opportunity to build proficiency.

Benefits of Field service management software for HVAC

One of the methods for doing this is by putting resources into field service management software. With the correct field management software, a service organization can enhance the yield of their business through expanded efficiency, finding better approaches for ending up more viable and better use of assets. Remarkably, HVAC organizations have profited an incredible arrangement by putting resources into field management software. HVAC organizations would now be able to viably complete field service planning, guaranteeing that they serve a greater number of customers than previously. Also, utilizing field management software has empowered HVAC organizations to monitor a service specialist in the field.

Here are 8 ways that HVAC organizations benefit from using Field Service Management Software:

Real Time Tracking: Field Manager will have ability to track their all agents in real time visually on the map with an update frequency of less than 10 seconds on the Traxroot Field Service Management Software Dashboard. Which helps to find unassigned agent and assign the orders to them accordingly. Also an instant order live tracking link will be sent to client to track their order in real time.

Real Time Order/ Agent Status: Our Field Service Management application is integrated with socket connection which reflects order status instantly made by agent will update to both admin and clients instantly. Get a holistic view on the dashboard as to how many resources are on the job, are idle/ ready for dispatch and how many of them are offline in real time through socket connection.

Scheduling & Auto Dispatch: HVAC companies have a high volume of work orders and mobile workforce. That makes them the biggest beneficiaries of scheduling capabilities of Field Management Software. Schedule the right work to the right field staff in a single click while filling the details of job and customer, by selecting the right field staff nearest to location or the staff which will finish his/her job sooner. The software offers a solution to these companies to streamline field operations since job tracking, and field service scheduling becomes easy.

Smart Routing: Traxroot Routing Software decides about the best route to be taken in order to achieve optimized operation efficiency. Our system takes traffic and complete before time into consideration. It helps agent to reduce fuel cost & travel time to attend more order and earn more revenue for the company.

Improved Customer Service: When agent start an order an instant order live tracking link will be sent to client, through this link client can track their order in real time with just a click of a link without login. Once the agent has complete the order the live tracking link will be converting to agent feedback link where client can rate & comment depending on their services. These data will help field manager to know who is the best agent and who requires training to improve in customer service.

Proof of Delivery: When agent updates his status our application will get a location and time stamp of where a job was accepted, started and completed along with signature and photo for proof of delivery for all jobs and orders done by the agent.

Reports & Analytics: With all data being in one place, the business can see many standard performance reports like how many orders are completed, failed, on time, delayed & much more at a glance.

User Friendly Application: This is regularly the most ignored part of picking the correct software. Traxroot Field Management Software feature are includes natural use with the goal that anybody can without much of a stretch connect and comprehend the different features. By investing some additional energy to guarantee that field management software meets the necessities recorded above, you can sit back and relax realizing that your organization will lessen contact focus overhead and client no-appears, while accomplishing propelled profitability and client benefit capacities.

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The odds of achievement with field service management software enormously rely upon the framework a business need. Contact us today to experience a live demo of how our Field Service Management Software can help your business.


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