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Top 5 Basic Fleet Management Problems and Challenges

In today's world it is all about convenience, the movement of goods reaching customers has increased more than the customers actually reaching the goods. And because of this the requirement for drivers and vehicles trying to fulfill this void has increased, which means more trucks on the road, more requirement of drivers and delivery agents. According to Heather Long reported on Washington Post, America has a huge truck driver shortage with over 51000 more drivers needed.

Top 5 basic fleet problems

Companies, who were only producing or manufacturing goods a few years ago, is now handling a fleet of vehicles and a team of drivers and with the rise in the number of vehicles, without a robust fleet management software to track, manage and maintain your vehicles it becomes a night mare for companies to run their operations smoothly. Here are some basic problems that companies can run into.

Here are the 5 basic fleet management problems and challenges:

  • Control Fleet Maintenance Costs

  • Monitor Driver Behavior

  • Spending Time on Paperwork

  • Fuel Theft & Monitoring

  • Fleet Safety

  1. Fleet Maintenance Costs When running a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, if you fail to send your vehicle for regular service or maintenance visits, vehicle is due to breakdown when you need it the most. Having a fleet maintenance software and receiving regular alerts along with budget planning is the way to go about fleet maintenance. The software allows you to add expenses occurred over the life time of the vehicle, parts changed along with cost and date stamps and alerts based on either mileage or time for future services or part replacements. Learn more about effective ways of fleet maintenance.

  2. Monitoring Driver Behavior When a driver is hired we fulfill a vacancy for a person to drive our vehicles and deliver our goods safely, we then encourage him to participate in some driver programs fine tuned to the vision and goals of the company. And after due training we dispatch our valuable goods entrusting the responsibility to the driver, but once he is on the road, fleet managers have no idea about how the driver is driving, whether he is over speeding or idling excessively or if he is harsh accelerating, harsh breaking, and harsh breaking or acceleration during turning the vehicle. Not only will bad driving increase your maintenance bills but can be a safety issue for the goods, truck and people on the road. Learn more about how software can help assist driver behavior.

  3. Spending Time on Paperwork With the increase in the number of drivers and vehicles, there is a huge requirement of data which must be noted and stored in-order to be retrieved when you need it. Without a fleet management software the data gathered manually will just remain buried in some files or excel sheets unable to expose it self to any kind of quick and accurate analysis or immediate data retrieving. Learn more about effective ways of cost cutting by using a sound vehicle tracking system. Why go paper less in fleet management ?

  4. Fuel Monitoring Once the vehicle or truck is on the road, tracking cost per mile, fuel theft or pilferage and having a record of fuel consumption vs mileage is crucial for running a profitable business involving a fleet of vehicles. Without a fuel management system in place which can send you instant alerts for any of the above events and record all the data related to fuel usage and deliver accurate graphical analysis it would become very difficult to manage and monitor fuel related issues. Learn more about 5 ways in which Traxroot can help save fuel.

  5. Safety & Security: A small delay in maintenance can halt and effect operations in some time critical industries and the last thing any company would want is to have the vehicles or construction equipment stolen and bring the operations into a dead end halt. Visit our blog on some simple precautions that can be taken to prevent vehicle theft.

Contact us for a quick demo on Traxroot Fleet management software to understand how our software can take care of all the above mentioned points. Visit our FAQ page for some frequently asked questions on fleet management.


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