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3 Ways In Which Fleet Tracking Software Can Prevent Vehicle Theft

No matter whether you manage a small municipal fleet, a large commercial fleet, or you rent out equipment to third parties, theft is a real concern for any operations manager.

Ways to prevent vehicle theft by fleet management

Automobile manufacturers have taken a lot of precautions which has made  critical strides as of late to diminish vehicle burglaries, from utilizing stand alone alarm system to alerts on wireless devices connected via the GSM network. And with the rising need of tracking devices, vehicle tracking system and fleet management software come with various sensors which when triggered creates an event and owner is alerted along with refined security programming in vehicles, which makes it increasingly hard for thieves to break into. From utilizing alerts features either by SMS or email, immobilizing options from the software, to utilizing GPS enabled routes, you will take all necessary precautions to handle situations that can bring down the chances of having your vehicle stolen. 

Some of the key useful features are as follows

1: Knowing Asset Location and Events

Dispatch managers or fleet managers regularly check from the comfort of their office the location and status of the vehicle with accuracy in data for intervals less than 10 seconds.. It enables you to screen the last known areas for your advantage, regardless of whether an asset is on or off duty, alerts can be set via Geo fencing and also during ignition on and off events. It might likewise give recorded information about numerous different measurements, including speed, temperature, distance traveled, route taken, and driver identification using RFID as well. Find out why temperature monitoring is important in reefer trucks and supply chain management.

2: Geo-fencing 

More or less, geofencing is a virtual limit that you can set for any geographic territory. These limits can be as little as a solitary road, as expansive as a whole region, and are totally adjustable. At the point when a vehicle or resource that is furnished with GPS beacons travel outside or go into any set geofence edge, you can set cautions to naturally inform you about the development by means of email or instant message. This can enable you to complete a few distinct things, including: Track when representatives touch base at or leave a vocation site, Get affirmation when a shipment touches base at a conveyance area, and check a particular zone as a "no section" zone for any given resource.

3: Start Ignition Disable Feature 

With the start ignition disable feature, even if the thief has got his hands on the vehicle, unless and until he has access to the RFID based key card which is assigned to each driver respectively, he will not be able to start the vehicle. The admin can also deny or allow access to the card, another advantage is, admin can know the driver who is currently driving based on the RFID card. Only after successful recognition of the RFID card by the software can the driver start the vehicle. There by adding another layer of security.

If you still haven't connected your vehicle to a fleet management software with the above options, then feel free to contact Traxroot sales team for more details on the features and pricing. If you still having problems deciding the right fleet management software for your business the above link.


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