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Toyota Motor and Amazon Web Services Expand Global Collaboration

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Toyota Motor Corporation and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are expanding their global collaboration, applying AWS's vast portfolio of services to expand Toyota's Mobility Services Platform (MSPF).

  • Inc's cloud computing unit will help Japan's Toyota Motor Corp build a platform to help manage and monetize data gathered from the automaker's global vehicle fleet, the companies said on Monday.

Toyota's MSPF is an ecosystem to help Toyota engineers develop, deploy, and manage the next generation of data-driven mobility services for driver and passenger safety, security, comfort, and convenience in Toyota's cloud-connected vehicles. Read further about the impact of COVID: Toyota's Quarterly Profits Lowest in 9 years, Car Sales Down 50%

Toyota Motor and Amazon Web Services Expand Global Collaboration

Infrastructure Development:

The Mobility Services Platform leverages the reliability and scalability of AWS's global infrastructure, as well as developing expertise to meet the challenge of processing and analyzing data from operations within Toyota's worldwide fleet of connected vehicles.

The MSPF and its application programming interfaces (API) will enable Toyota to collect data from connected vehicles and apply it towards vehicle design and development, new contextual services such as carshare, rideshare, full-service lease, and new corporate and consumer services such as proactive vehicle maintenance notifications and driving behavior-based insurance. Read further about UK Leadership on Autonomous Vehicles held back by Infrastructure: KPMG

Expansion of Toyota:

The collaboration between Toyota and AWS extends to Toyota's entire enterprise and will help build a foundation for streamlined and secure data sharing throughout the company and accelerate its move toward CASE (Connected, Autonomous/Automated, Shared, and Electric) mobility technologies. Know more about the Benefits of Autonomous vehicle in Fleet Management In expanding Toyota's relationship with AWS, Shigeki Tomoyama, Chief Information, and Security Officer and Chief Production Officer at Toyota Motor Corporation, said, "Connectivity drives all of the processes of development, production, sales and service in the automotive business. Expanding our agreement with AWS to strengthen our vehicle data platform will be a major advantage for CASE activities within Toyota."

The deal is an expansion of Amazon Web Services' existing collaboration with Toyota and marks the e-commerce giant's expanding foray into the transportation business. Explore the Difference Between Activating your Fleet GPS Trackers Automatically and Manually?

  • In July, AWS announced it was expanding a partnership with Germany's Volkswagen AG to help develop the automaker's cloud-based software and data portal into an industry-wide marketplace where business customers can buy and sell industrial applications.

  • In the automotive sector, AWS previously has partnered with automotive suppliers such as Aptiv, Panasonic Corp, and Nvidia Corp, big transportation providers such as Uber and Avis, and self-driving heavy trucks startups Embark and China's TuSimple. Japan's Mitsubishi Motors may Shut Factory in Gifu (Central Japan) Know why?

Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS is Positive towards the Collaboration and says:

"Toyota is leveraging the unmatched breadth and depth of AWS services to transform how it develops and manages new mobility services across its entire ecosystem of connected vehicles around the world. By running on AWS, with its high performance, functionality, and security, Toyota is able to innovate quickly across its enterprise and continue to lead the automotive industry in delivering the quality of experiences that customers expect."

Toyota said its Mobility Services Platform will enable it to process and analyze data that can be used to develop vehicle services from the ride and car-sharing to behavior-based insurance and maintenance notifications. Know why Uber CEO Threatens Future Shutdown in California?

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