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How Does Software Which Handles Fleet Management Assist In Monitoring Vehicle Speed ?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

The two most basic and important features ant fleet manager will be constantly monitoring is location and speed. Speed is the most feared factor when you are managing a fleet of vehicles mainly because of the unforeseen results that it can end with from damage to vehicles, goods and most importantly to the life of the driver and passerby in public places along with court litigation. First let us understand how a GPS tracking device works.

how fleet software monitors speed

Let us first understand the fact that data is sent to the server frequently at regular intervals which can be preset while configuring the GPS tracking device, or can be remotely set by sending commands to the tracking device. Most of the devices send speed details in the same GPRS protocol sentence that it uses for sending latitude and longitude of the device, once the server receives the data it identifies the vehicle or truck it is receiving it from based on the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) or device ID.

Here are 3 ways fleet management assists in monitoring vehicle speed :

1) Speed Reports : Speed data which is stored can be retrieved in the form of reports along with location and time stamps, the same data can also be emailed by the fleet management software at preset time/ date and interval.

2) Speed Alerts: Real time alerts can be set for 2 functions of speed which includes value and duration, which means if the vehicle goes above 80 km/ hr for more than 5 minutes then the user will get alerted as push notification, SMS or email.

3) Real Time Speed Data Transfer : Since the device is connected to the fleet software via set port by a socket connection, it is able to relay real time speed information on the front end of the software thus having limited latency of data transmission.

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