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European Battery Makers Power up for Great Green Recovery

European battery makers are gearing up to take advantage of massive “green” stimulus packages unveiled since the coronavirus pandemic though many acknowledge it will be tough to match the Asian giants that dominate the mainstream market.

While Sweden’s Northvolt, and extra not too long ago France’s Verkor, are making a play for large-scale manufacturing, different European firms are specializing in the area of interest markets and new applied sciences slightly than taking up Chinese and South Korean corporations with mass manufacturing of batteries destined for electrical autos (EVs).

From Greek battery maker Sunlight to start-ups like InoBat Auto in Slovakia and Switzerland’s Innolith, corporations say the problem of constructing economies of scale quick to compete for head-on means discovering niches is an extra possible path to success, for now. Know more about What is Green Driving and How Does it Affect Fleet Management?

European Battery Makers Power up for Great Green Recovery

How Europe can Conceive a Competitive Edge over China? Leaders Vision:

Sunlight’s Greek manufacturing unit is the world’s largest producer of lead-acid batteries for automated guided autos, forklifts, and vitality storage methods and it’s now shifting to lithium cells.

Sunlight Chief Executive Lampros Bisalas said “Having battery giants in Europe, it’s still possible. We just need to run and catch up and innovate faster than the others. But Bisalas is not going after the EV market dominated by China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), Japan’s Panasonic, and South Korea’s LG Chem, Samsung SDI, and SK Innovation.

He’s specializing in lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) manufacturing, a kind of battery suited to forklifts, locomotives, and robots that carry out quick duties with breaks in between. “These markets are billions of dollars, We see a very big opportunity there. Honda Goes Small with First Mass-produced All-Electric Car Honda-E Explore the Trendy features

Chief Executive Konstantin Solodovnikov said “We cannot just take the same technology which is used, for example, in China or South Korea and copy-paste,”

Chief Executive Marian Bocek said the European auto business’s reliance on imported mass-produced batteries has created a “technological sovereignty crisis”, forcing producers to design vehicles across the batteries. So it’s planning to tailor batteries for high-performance autos which will want one thing particular. Read more about why are Automotive Industry suppliers migrating from Argentina to Brazil?


  • China hosts 80% of the world’s lithium-ion cell manufacturing – the kind of battery expected to power the fast-growing EV business – and many of the capability coming online in Europe over the following 5 years belongs to Asian corporations.

  • But the European Union has dedicated 550 billion euros ($647 billion) to local weather safety and clean applied sciences over the following seven years, and these plans hinge on batteries to retailer renewable vitality – and to power EVs.

  • Researchers have recognized 13 European battery initiatives that might be eligible for EU assist, in nations together with France, Germany, Slovakia, and Poland – although some are being pushed by Asian producers, reminiscent of LG Chem’s plans to broaden its manufacturing unit in Krakow.

  • European EV manufacturing is expected to extend six-fold within the subsequent 5 years and EU leaders count on the battery worth chain – from mining to manufacturing to recycling – shall be value 250 billion euros by 2025. But some European startups concede they can not catch up with the large-scale, low-cost Asian incumbents. Read more about the Top 6 Trends in Green Driving Habits for Your Fleet

Quick Data, Facts, and Analysis:

  1. Analysts say the following technology of batteries should last longer, cost sooner and be safer and greener than these available on the market now, and that offers European firms a probability.

  2. The company, which purchased U.S. battery producer Alevo’s mental property after its chapter in 2017, said its labs in Germany could have prototypes this year for an NMC 811 cell that may ship up to 315 Wh/kg (watt-hour per kg).

  3. NMC 811 cells embody much less cobalt than most mainstream EV batteries, which implies they have the potential to ship extra power and with cheaper parts.

  4. It plans to convey a 100 MWh (megawatt/hour) manufacturing line an online subsequent year in Slovakia close to Peugeot, Kia Motors, and Jaguar Land Rover’s vegetation – which it said might finally develop into a 10 GWh (gigawatt/hour) facility.

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