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Driver Alert: America's 7 Most Haunted Roads

Haunted highways or roads refer to streets, roads, or highways which are the subject of folklore and urban legends, including rumors and reports of ghostly apparitions, ghostly figures, phantom hitchhikers, phantom vehicles, repeating or looping highways, or other paranormal activities. We know the United States as the land of spacious skies and amber waves of grain, but it also happens to be the land of a million ghost stories.

Here are 7 Most creepy roads of America said to be haunted/spooky by ghosts and paranormal activity. Drive them on your own risk, if you dare.

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Drivers Alert: America's 7 Most Haunted Roads

7 Most Creepy Roads of America said to be haunted/spooky by ghosts and paranormal activity:

1. Route 44 Rehoboth, Massachusetts

2. Route 2A, Maine

3. Shades of Death Road, New Jersey

4. Clinton Road, New Jersey

5. Boy Scout Lane, Wisconsin

6. Dead Man's Curve, Clermont

7. Route 66: An Abandoned Truck-Stop Business

1. Route 44 Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Drivers on Route 44 in Massachusetts have reported sightings of a redheaded man in a flannel shirt and jeans who smiles eerily at passing cars. According to one account, the man faded out of the backseat after a driver picked him up, thinking he was a hitchhiker. The story of the Route 44 ghost was popularized in the book "The New England Ghost Files" by Charles Turek Robinson. Read further about the US: Staffing Woes Put Car Industry at Remarkable Risk

2. Route 2A, Maine

Route 2A is known as a treacherous road for truckers, especially when its sharp turns are covered in ice and snow during the winter. The road inspired the song "Tombstone Every Mile" by Dick Curless. In the U.S. state of Maine, U.S. Route 2 is a principal east–west route through the central portion of the state, extending from the New Hampshire border in Gilead to the town of Houlton near the Canadian border. Drivers have reported seeing the ghost of a girl on the side of the road and a woman begging passersby to help her husband — but she disappeared when approached. Read more about Who has the Cheapest RV Insurance in the US? Further, Explore the Best 7 Car Insurance Companies in Canada?

3. Shades of Death Road, New Jersey

Many legends are associated with Shades of Death Road, which winds alongside Jenny Jump State Forest up to Allamuchy in Warren County. One of the more famous street names in New Jersey roadside culture, this road runs along an old haunted lake bed which occasionally has pillars of mist rising from the top of the water. Read more about how European Battery Makers Power up for Great Green Recovery

4. Clinton Road, New Jersey

There’s a common phenomenon reported on Clinton Road referred to as the “phantom headlights.” The story goes, there is what appears to be a dark vehicle with its high beams on that tailgates a driver dangerously close and then just disappears into thin air.

Another Clinton Road mystery is based on a New Jersey legend. The legend claims that the ghost of a boy who drowned in a creek below a bridge on Clinton Road still lurks under that bridge today. If you visit the bridge, they say to throw a coin into the water and the ghost of the boy will toss it back up to you. Learn What is a Dash Cam? How clear is dashcam footage? Everything you want to know

5. Boy Scout Lane

Venture to Wisconsin and take a leisurely drive down Boy Scout Lane. The unpaved road winds through a densely wooded area. (The Creepy Factor shot up to a 10 already.) According to the legend, in the late '50s or early '60s, a troop of Boy Scouts went into these woods on a camping trip and never returned. There are several theories surrounding the cause of death. Some say they dropped a lantern and started a forest fire that killed everyone. Others say they got lost and starved to death. Read more about How Accurate is GPS Speed in a Vehicle Tracking System?

6. Dead Man's Curve

This allegedly haunted stretch of road is between Amelia and Bethel in the village of Bantam in Clermont County, where Route 222 meets route 125. Urban Legend says that this stretch of road is haunted by a faceless hitchhiker. He is said to roam this area late at night, usually between 1:20 and 1:40 AM, hitching a ride, sometimes appearing in the middle of the road where unsuspecting drivers hit him, only to jump and chase your car afterward. People report seeing this strange man on the side of the road, others tell of their car being pelted with rocks from someone unseen.

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7. Route 66: An Abandoned Truck-Stop Business

Of course, this list would not be complete without the Historic Route 66. There are plenty of stops along Route 66 that are charming and nostalgic, attracting tourists from all over, especially in California. However, there are parts of the highway that are attractions for a different reason, for example, the abandoned Tri-County Truck-Stop in Villa Ridge, MO, not far from St. Louis. The old truck stop looks spooky even from afar, but paranormal investigators have taken a close look inside and deemed this place haunted. According to St. Louis Magazine, it is not as empty as it looks, with multiple reports of strange activity, ghosts wearing red flannel, and appliances falling on their own. Let's Explore What is Truck Stop? Is it a safe place to Stay at the night?

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